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I wanted to take a quick break from all of the stuff that is occupying the news lately and focus on what really matters- YOU and Me.

How we navigated this past year will reflect on how we navigate the next one for sure. The word that comes to mind is “volatility” but in truth that is just another buzz word or program we are being fed.

Yes, there is a distinct shift in certain things and the “control” that we were allowed to believe we had has disappeared.

But when you carve away the fat you are left with the core of things and this what really matters.

How ARE YOU going to deal with things and could you, can you and would you make 2021 the BEST YEAR EVER if you only knew how.

Back in October I announced the start of a new coaching program..

My first in 11 years! It took only 2 P.S’s IN 2 emails with no other attention or advertising to fill up in 2 days. That program is well into its half way point and will end mid December.

The interest was so great when I mentioned it a few days ago that I decided to dedicate one full email to it. That is what you are reading now.

The mention a few days ago got things to over half full (this will be a small group and the wait list is half full)

So, this may be the last time you hear about it and have a chance to sign up. In looking at my schedule for 2020 – it’s not likely there will be another program until at least the fall so if you want to know what I know down to the deepest detail now is your chance!

I’ve created a sign-up page for you so we can get our journey started right after the New Year.

The details are all there but let me tell you this: 2020 was the BEST Year Ever for me in spite of what so many people considered chaos and disaster. I want to show you how to thrive through instability and grow beyond what you imagined possible.

I want to share with you the secrets of the Best Health, The Best Body and the Best Future that you can create.

In the 11 years since I coached a large group of people, I have not been idle! I have accumulated a mass of new information and a wealth of practices that will skyrocket your success no matter where you are starting from!

No matter how disappointed, scared or powerless your felt in 2020 I can help you transcend that. And if you are already thriving, well LOOK OUT.

Either way there is no stopping you if you have the right coaching. Why waste another year?! As a matter of fact, Why Waste Another Minute. If you are on the waitlist then go right away to and sign up for the program that fits you best.

If you are not then go straight to the sign up page so I don’t have to turn you away!!!

I will open up the Dr Dave encyclopedia and go NO HOLDS BARRED to insure and assure your success in 2021.

But you’ve got to get on board fast and get this coming year started with a Bang!

Don’t Delay!!!! Sign up now!

Here’s to Personal Evolution, Personal Revolution, and Personal Profusion in 2021.

Do It NOW because delay is the enemy of achievement and that IS a Foregone Conclusion!!!!

Dr Dave

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