If You Are Alone Today

If You are Alone Today and no one has said “I love you!” or even “Good Morning” let me fix that for YOU:

Good morning Beautiful Soul! You are never alone even when you feel enclosed in darkness and hopelessness! You simply have to open your eyes and your heart to receive.

I see You; I acknowledge you and I send a piece of my heart out to assuage your suffering.

If you have been left remember this: You can mourn and be joyous in the same day! It’s OK. Remember this as well: You are not mourning the person who left you, you are mourning your dreams of what they were and what could have been. In truth that was not reality, they are that they are just as YOU ARE! You are mourning their potential, not the person.

Most will never live up to their potential so you may have been saved far more grief and wasted life down the road.

If you left someone and regret it understand that love is actually easy!

Staying with someone who is not right for you is both hard and wrong! It is a compromise that far too many people make. You cannot change who a person is, you can only show them the way.

If they have a core behavior that does not fit you, It’s Ok only if you understand and accept their limitations without trying to change who they are. You should not have to change anyone’s core behaviors to fit your needs. They should be who you need and want without change or they are not right for you. If they are not, you are not loving, you are staying from fear lack and need- all of which will not satisfy your Soul.

I can tell you this from my experiences of mentoring people: You do not change people; you motivate them to be who they are. You will see the difference quickly and easily. It will be like giving water to a person who is thirsty in the desert. They will take to your teachings and embody them without resistance because it is who they are already. They will “Remember”!

They resonate with you because it is who they already are. If not, you will be in a constant battle that you will eventually tire of no matter how noble you think the cause. You teach no (know) one: they discover themselves easily once you set the example. If its hard, its wrong plain and simple.

Leaving them was mercy for both of You! Look for someone who shows you who you are when you are lost. Look for someone who cannot stop being excited about what you are becoming and wants to help you get there as you help them. Do not settle for someone who obediently does what you ask because they are trying to please you. Had you stayed you would have seen the chaos and bitterness that ensues when the fallacy is exposed. And do not expect them to admit they are just trying to please you. You will be told by them “No its my idea!” In your heart you know it wasn’t-you put it there!!!

If you are alone because someone you love has left this earthly plane understand this: YOU ARE.  The first of the 4 immutable rules of the Universe. You are and that is enough for you to be here. Use the time to become more of who you really are and honor the memories and beauty you shared.

Everyone influences us and makes us different than who were before. Even those who break our hearts. We should never forget everything that love has taught us to be even if it is different than what we thought it would teach us. Growth is rarely easy or painless. If it were we would all pick the “right one” right away! People leave when it is their time. There is no reason or explanation other than this I promise you. The hand of God has spoken before me so many times while I sat at the bedside of dying patients that it is clear to me the time when people leave is right for them and the Almighty.

You ARE HERE STILL! Do not waste the time you have been Given!!!! Life gets much more precious when there is less of it to waste. Treat it as such!!!!

If you are alone today revel in this one immutable fact: You get to live the life YOU choose the way YOU choose it unapologetically and without having to worry about collateral damage!

Love to you on this Valentines Day!!!

Dr Dave

PS if you are in Love may it always be true, enriching enlightening and growing you towards who you really are!

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