The Happiest of New Year’s to You and Yours From Dr. Dave

First let me say that it is a pleasure to join you in the New Year celebration.  I look forward to 2017 with great anticipation. I have been given some very clear signs for goals and achievements and after what I will call a temporary glitch, I am more than ready to get going again.
To that end stay tuned because something good, big and healthy is coming your way sooner than you think!
In the meantime let me share a little wisdom (health and life secrets) with you a few things that have helped me over the years to stay healthy over the holidays.
  1. Life is all about routines. You are the sum total of your habits.  The Holidays are all about different routines mostly centered on eating and drinking and celebrating.  This is enormously important for our mental health and wellness, but the simplest thing to do is just keep some of your usual routines intact.  For me it’s like this: I do eat more carbs than usual but I don’t eat them without limit.  I do drink more alcohol more regularly but I limit it in quantity. I do more laying around and traveling but I still exercise on a regular basis. I just back off a bit.  By keeping your routines intact you’ll have a much easier time getting back into the swing of the New Year with no trauma or “withdrawal”.
  2.  Sleep remains critical.  Be sure to get as much as you can.  Frankly because I let myself off the hook a little bit I actually sleep more during the holiday season.
  3. Remain equinimatous. Each of us has an idea of the kind of person we’d like to be.  There is no better time and sometimes no bigger challenge to be that way than during family meetings. Strive to make yourself harmonious and like-minded people will surround you.  The rest of the world will bounce off.
  4. Let go of last year but celebrate its successes. I had a lot of challenges and a lot of challenging people who I gladly let go of. But I set some recent personal bests with my fitness routines-running and weight training. I feel strong healthy and am seriously contemplating going back to ultra-running at least in a limited fashion to try out my “new body”. Speaking of which I have had a lot of you write in with support this year telling me you are younger because of my teachings and products.  I love to hear that and I want to reach as many people as possible with that same message. We really are moving into a time when aging is going to be slowed down, health spans are going to be extended and people are going to radically change their future.  I know I am a part of that and I hope you will join me if you haven’t already.
So, good bye to 2016!  Thank you for all the lessons and messages. I am clear on what I need to do moving forward. You will personally see the manifestations of that in a very short time. Hello to 2017!!! Let’s make this the healthiest happiest year ever.
I want to specifically thank the following people directly for their incredible support and wisdom during the past year. Consider this a “rampage of gratitude”!
Oksana and Vasa
My sister Cathy
My dearest friends Dr Dave W. Dr Andrew and Margaret S. Dr Rafa, Tony D, Matt Furey, JC Santana, Nik J,Todd R, Kris K, Danny K, Ed K, John T, Ken and Aaron, Alam G, Steve M, David Wolfe.
You all highlight what people should be like. I look forward to spending more time with you this next year.
Special thanks to Greg in Fort Worth, Dr David Y, and Dr Dharma
See You there,
Dr Dave

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