This Forgotten Oil Has Made my Skin look Years Younger After Just a Few Applications

None of us like to talk about our flaws but I had a big one.  I was diagnosed with Psoriasis and given the option between steroids and immune suppressive drugs.  Frankly both were terrifying.

It’s me Bailey, most of you know me as Dr. Dave’s customer support manager, but today I am trying a new hat. I suffer from Psoriasis ” A condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches.” It has been a super long journey on finding something safe and natural to help my skin be healthy and normal. I know I am not the only one who suffers from eczema, psoriasis, dry red skin, and in severe cases like mine cracking and bleeding skin.

Believe me when I say I got so tired of trying what seemed like endless products that was supposed to help me, and in actuality just costed me money and did not work and in most cases made my skin worse.

I wanted so badly to have normal healthy looking skin, so I turned over many stones and went down many paths to find something so special and after what seemed like forever I did. One would say it was a miracle!

Now i have tried coconut oil, olive oil and all the other oils you can think of with very little results. Then I did some research and found Emu Oil, a rarely used little known all natural essential oil that has been used for centuries by Aboriginal populations as a skin medicant and healing agent. The Emu Oil actually soothed my skin the first time I tried it! After experimenting on how to get the best results I formulated my very first skincare product, Miracle Touch Skin Care Emu Oil and wowza was I so happy I did!

The sugar acts as an exfoliate, safely and gently scrubbing away the dead layer of skin providing a way for the Emu Oil to start soaking into your skin. Now the oil I source from a small supplier in Australia has been shown to absorb into your skin 50% faster than most brands out there (and I can confirm this is in fact the case!). After a few weeks of using my formula I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have never been more shocked and amazed, Emu Oil literally made my skin healthy and normal, no more cracking and bleeding.

Emu Oil is an excellent source of a ton of vitamins and essential fatty acids. It’s full of Vitamin A, E, and F, and of course it’s loaded with Omega fatty acids 3,6, and 9.

Along with the inflammation taming omega’s, my formulation also has Oleic and Linolenic acid to further relieve pain and inflammation. If you’ve been with Dr. Dave for any amount of time, you know that inflammation is at the source of just about everything negative going on with your body, and my Emu Oil Sugar Scrub is loaded to the gills with everything I could put in it to fight inflammation.

I’ve polled just about everyone I know as to which essential oils I should add to my product to enhance it’s ability and make it smell great. I’ve narrowed it down to only the best: strawberry, vanilla, coconut, and lavender.

And for those of you who prefer something a bit simpler, I also make a great unscented product that has a very light, fresh smell to it from the other ingredients.

I’ve paraded my new formulation around to just about everyone I know. I’ve seen it clear up acne, erase psoriasis, banish eczema, sooth burns, and bring back a youthful glow to everyone who’s tried it. Even my dear friend Dr. Dave just reported to me that it had the most soothing effects on his recent sunburn.

So grab a couple 4oz jars (on sale now!) and see for yourself what my Emu Oil can do for you!

Yours Truly,

Bailey Martinez

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