Using the Force, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Quite a few people have noticed the burst of creativity and new products we have brought to the market.

Some of you have even noticed it rubs off on others as with our customer service rep Bailey who came out with a self-fueled self-initiated Emu Oil based skin product.

Judging by the positive response it looks like just what the doctor ordered.

Today I wanted to let you know “How I do It”… how I stay creative, interested and positive about this world which gives one plenty or pre programmed chances to be the opposite.

Rule 1: Limit your contact with negative people!!! We all have these people in our lives and some times you just have to roll with the punches and not let it get to you. This may be harder than you think! I call it the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”. Not to sound too Biblical but negative people with negative outlooks and negative joys (they take pleasure in spreading negativity) are in a very real sense the death of dreams for many people. You can and in my opinion limit your contact with them. Now everyone is negative sometimes, sometimes for a long time. But the basic operating system of the creator has to be an overall positive, so let these people find someone else to be miserable with.

Rule 2: Increase your contact with other creators. I have a lot of creative people in my life and I generally surround myself with them. But here too, there is a caveat. Creators are generally self-interested and self motivated. If you try to play with them too much you may find your own power and your own dreams usurped by their Brain Force. Often the loudest, strongest and most forceful person in the room carries the group. If that is NOT YOU then you need to be aware of this. If it is you then understand the faces in your tribe may change until you are comfortable with letting them have space and power of their own in their own way. I am about to launch another master mind and this is one of the huge and important lessons I have learned…
You can only help people who are willing to listen but you can only help people if you are willing to listen back!

Rule 3: Constant stimulation: I have many hobbies and very deep deep interests. Truth be told, I am not good at a lot of things and I am not interested in a lot of things. I am very very good- world class in fact- at a few things. I do not spread myself too thin but I am constantly stimulating my brain with things that are interesting, whether or not they are directly related to what I do for a living. This constant stimulation does more than make you fun at cocktail parties! It allows you to see how the world and the universe are organized and what the universal laws really are. You can then connect them to make endless series of interesting things, products, art, music and cultural or business contributions. Creativity is all one!

Rule 4: I use the FORCE!!! Now I do meditate, pray, practice chi kung, and meditations taught to me by other creators* But I also take good care to provide my brain the right raw materials in the form of Brain Force One. I am 100% convinced this formulation has helped me improve my creativity and clear my thinking to a much more laser like focus- at least when I want it that way. I also tend to be one of those people who “can’t stop thinking” and I find Brain Force One to have a calming and clarifying effect that allows me to just enjoy life rather than wrestling it to death with “efficiency and productivity protocols”. Nothing is more fun than getting things done and creating without stress.

Brain Force One is the answer for that!

I will keep you posted on my Master Mind Group that is forming. If you are interested make sure you let Bailey know. You will meet some of my tribe who have been taught by me and who have taught me and “how we do it”.

In the meantime, you can start here and remember to take it every day between 2 and 6 capsules depending on how much you need your brain! Two a day is maintenance. Remember also I do not sell my products on “Amazon” so whatever products you may find there with similar names are NOT MINE and I do not take them.


PS We have huge discounts on case prices on all products including Brain Force One and Miracle Touch!

*Many of you know of Matt Furey. I cannot say enough about what I learned from Matt. Be advised the Matt you think you know from the internet and from his famous books is but a small portion of what Matt is and has become. You need to spend some time in person with Matt if you want to know the whole picture.
I also want to mention another person influenced by Matt who taught me Kirtan Kriya a form of meditation shown to be effective in boosting the brain, Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Finally my friend and long time customer, Greg Thomas who stands as a paragon of his truth no matter what the world says, thinks or becomes.
I honestly know of no one who has actualized their life and realized their dreams without a mentor(s).

A Phenomenal Asset to Your Health

By now I hope you have seen our latest product Miracle Touch Sugar Scrub.

There is a special story behind this involving our wonderful Customer Service Rep, Bailey Martinez.

Those of you who have dealt with her know she has been a phenomenal asset to our company and is universally positive in her outlook and desire to help our customers.

What you may not have known is some of the incredible adversity Bailey has faced.  Not the least of which was a bout of nasty psoriasis.

My dad had psoriasis back in the day when the only thing available was coal tar preps and steroids. Now “modern” medicine has tapped into its latest gold mine of monoclonal antibodies and created a potent but potentially deadly way to suppress psoriasis which is after all, a form of auto immune disease.

I was blessed by the skipping of generations in terms of psoriasis but everyone else out there has some hard choices to make in terms of choosing treatments.

Now Bailey went an extra hard route but created, yes created an all natural skin care product that has not only gotten rid of her psoriasis, but also got rave reviews from literally everyone who has used it, psoriasis or not!

It is not my place to be proud of Bailey but I secretly am since this took an incredible amount of initiative and some good ol’ fashioned American Entrepreneurship to pull off.

But its here, it works and it is near miraculous for transforming your skin into that smooth glowing youthful look we all crave and seek.

So while you are treating the inside of your body and your cells to all my goodies, you can treat the outside to some near magic!



This Forgotten Oil Has Made my Skin look Years Younger After Just a Few Applications

None of us like to talk about our flaws but I had a big one.  I was diagnosed with Psoriasis and given the option between steroids and immune suppressive drugs.  Frankly both were terrifying.

It’s me Bailey, most of you know me as Dr. Dave’s customer support manager, but today I am trying a new hat. I suffer from Psoriasis ” A condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches.” It has been a super long journey on finding something safe and natural to help my skin be healthy and normal. I know I am not the only one who suffers from eczema, psoriasis, dry red skin, and in severe cases like mine cracking and bleeding skin.

Believe me when I say I got so tired of trying what seemed like endless products that was supposed to help me, and in actuality just costed me money and did not work and in most cases made my skin worse.

I wanted so badly to have normal healthy looking skin, so I turned over many stones and went down many paths to find something so special and after what seemed like forever I did. One would say it was a miracle!

Now i have tried coconut oil, olive oil and all the other oils you can think of with very little results. Then I did some research and found Emu Oil, a rarely used little known all natural essential oil that has been used for centuries by Aboriginal populations as a skin medicant and healing agent. The Emu Oil actually soothed my skin the first time I tried it! After experimenting on how to get the best results I formulated my very first skincare product, Miracle Touch Skin Care Emu Oil and wowza was I so happy I did!

The sugar acts as an exfoliate, safely and gently scrubbing away the dead layer of skin providing a way for the Emu Oil to start soaking into your skin. Now the oil I source from a small supplier in Australia has been shown to absorb into your skin 50% faster than most brands out there (and I can confirm this is in fact the case!). After a few weeks of using my formula I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have never been more shocked and amazed, Emu Oil literally made my skin healthy and normal, no more cracking and bleeding.

Emu Oil is an excellent source of a ton of vitamins and essential fatty acids. It’s full of Vitamin A, E, and F, and of course it’s loaded with Omega fatty acids 3,6, and 9.

Along with the inflammation taming omega’s, my formulation also has Oleic and Linolenic acid to further relieve pain and inflammation. If you’ve been with Dr. Dave for any amount of time, you know that inflammation is at the source of just about everything negative going on with your body, and my Emu Oil Sugar Scrub is loaded to the gills with everything I could put in it to fight inflammation.

I’ve polled just about everyone I know as to which essential oils I should add to my product to enhance it’s ability and make it smell great. I’ve narrowed it down to only the best: strawberry, vanilla, coconut, and lavender.

And for those of you who prefer something a bit simpler, I also make a great unscented product that has a very light, fresh smell to it from the other ingredients.

I’ve paraded my new formulation around to just about everyone I know. I’ve seen it clear up acne, erase psoriasis, banish eczema, sooth burns, and bring back a youthful glow to everyone who’s tried it. Even my dear friend Dr. Dave just reported to me that it had the most soothing effects on his recent sunburn.

So grab a couple 4oz jars (on sale now!) and see for yourself what my Emu Oil can do for you!

Yours Truly,

Bailey Martinez