A Phenomenal Asset to Your Health

By now I hope you have seen our latest product Miracle Touch Sugar Scrub.

There is a special story behind this involving our wonderful Customer Service Rep, Bailey Martinez.

Those of you who have dealt with her know she has been a phenomenal asset to our company and is universally positive in her outlook and desire to help our customers.

What you may not have known is some of the incredible adversity Bailey has faced.  Not the least of which was a bout of nasty psoriasis.

My dad had psoriasis back in the day when the only thing available was coal tar preps and steroids. Now “modern” medicine has tapped into its latest gold mine of monoclonal antibodies and created a potent but potentially deadly way to suppress psoriasis which is after all, a form of auto immune disease.

I was blessed by the skipping of generations in terms of psoriasis but everyone else out there has some hard choices to make in terms of choosing treatments.

Now Bailey went an extra hard route but created, yes created an all natural skin care product that has not only gotten rid of her psoriasis, but also got rave reviews from literally everyone who has used it, psoriasis or not!

It is not my place to be proud of Bailey but I secretly am since this took an incredible amount of initiative and some good ol’ fashioned American Entrepreneurship to pull off.

But its here, it works and it is near miraculous for transforming your skin into that smooth glowing youthful look we all crave and seek.

So while you are treating the inside of your body and your cells to all my goodies, you can treat the outside to some near magic!



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