Show a New Face for the New Year

I wanted to remind you that I have brand spanking New Product that harnesses the power of stem cell Liposomes to add youth to your look.

I love what it has done for me and I love the fact that unlike our previous skin care line, this one is totally controlled by me, originated as completely my formula, was researched and tested in our own Stem Cell facility, and created by our own manufacturer close by to the lab.

Total control is a great thing because it allows me to bring it to you knowing that ingredients are all there and supply chains are reliable.  I have visited the facility 5X in the 7 months it took to create the product and tested all the samples along the way until I was completely satisfied,

YOU will be more than satisfied as your new look begins to take shape in just a few weeks after starting. In addition, this formulation does not require refrigeration because the liposomes are more stable (no it does not need any untoward preservatives)!

Take advantage of my newest creation at super low introductory pricing of $99.95 with free CONUS shipping if you order 2, but do it now.  I wanted to get this to market right at the New Year so at this moment we only have a small quantity. We’ll ramp it up soon as well but the price will go up.

We are not offering continuity but simply first come first served so if you want more than 1 bottle (average one-month supply) now is the time to order as many as you can use.  I would suggest 3 to 6-month supply at a crack to cover the inevitable down time in the ramp up of our bio-reactors to increase our Lipsome supply.

Bring a new look to 2019!!!! But order now so you don’t miss out!!!

Happy New Year to You and Yours!!!


Dr Dave

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