Chapter 3: What if we could stop telomeres from shortening?

What would happen if we could stop telomeres from shortening or maybe even lengthen them in spite of advancing chronological age?

There is in fact a mechanism where this can be done. Humans and all other mammals have an enzyme known as telomerase that can lengthen the telomere ends and thus slow down the loss of telomere base pairs.

The activity of telomerase sensibly varies with the divisional activity of the different cell types. For instance immune system cells have highly active telomerase and can rapidly divide when the body senses foreign bacterial or viral invaders. Stem cells also have a high level of telomerase capacity. But most other normal somatic cells have very low levels of telomerase.

Cell Apoptosis

Cell Apoptosis

But in any case, the normal activity of telomerase is not sufficient to mitigate against the inevitable loss of telomere base pairs and the resulting senescence or apoptosis (programmed death) of our cells.

The search of a safe compound that activates telomerase in humans has been going on for just over a decade now, paralleling other scientific research in the new field of telomere biology.

There is of course much controversy surrounding the moral, social, and biologic ramifications of lengthening human telomeres and everything to do with the science of Telomere Biology is still viewed by many as being “experimental”.

Fortunately that “experiment”

Is actually taking place at my laboratories right now. The first result from my efforts, and currently the best, telomere centric “pill” on the market safe for human consumption I dubbed the “Immortality Edge Packs“. 

Immortality Edge Packs in part are derived from the Astragalus root, which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many, many years. It’s track record is stellar, and it appears to be very safe for human consumption (no adverse effects have been reported to date) and we have extensive data on the effects it has on the specific telomeres that cause all the problems. Those are the shortest telomeres; it only takes a single short telomere to send a cell into crisis.

Scientists at other companies and in university labs all over the world are now looking for other compounds – both synthetic and natural- that will maintain the telomere, and the promising discoveries have been few and far between. It certainly hasn’t dissuaded me from continuing my research for the best possible solution.

As more and more research is done

In the area of Telomere Biology, the mechanisms of human aging will become clearer and the applications for disease treatment as well as life extension will become more apparent.

After one year of data acquisition the results from my own personal testing have been very, very promising. I religiously measure my telomere lengths through a company which produces, in my humble opinion, the most accurate testing method available today (if you want to see their testing method check them out at

Ultimately it is possible

That the Immortality Edge Packs or similar telomere centric supplements & drugs may be used for the treatment improvement and prevention of many of the diseases commonly associated with aging including diabetes, immune disorders and osteoporosis. We are not there yet, but we are getting closer everyday.

Untangling the mysteries of Telomere Biology

Will not stop people from drinking, smoking, stressing, or simply overdoing it (extreme forms of exercise like running Marathons actually shortens telomere length). All such activities amount to burning the candle at both ends and putting overindulgent people into early graves. But for those of us who lead healthy lives, the ravages of old age are still waiting for us.

Telomeres and telomerase are at the crux of human aging and telomere centric products like IEP offer the only current opportunity to delay our own meeting with the Grim Reaper.

So is aging unstoppable? I’ll be addressing that shortly, so stay tuned!

Dr Dave

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