Arguments continue among the best and brightest scientists concerning the question: Is aging unstoppable?

If you think about it..

That question has already been answered in a functional way. There are several mammalian cell lines that have been made “immortal” simply by turning on telomerase and expressing it at a higher level than normal.  Most surprising is the absence of increased cancer in many of these experiments.

We also now know that stem cell proliferation and maintenance is highly linked to telomere length, specifically the short telomeres.

If you look closely at the scientific literature the question of whether telomerase causes cancer has already been answered many, many times over with a fairly resounding “No  -telomerase does not cause cancer!” It has been almost 8 years since a scientific paper has raised that question. Understand this is different than commentary, different than blogging, different than social media and all the other places where people get their “information” these days.

Just like there are still people who are dedicated to the notion that telomerase might cause cancer there are also people dedicated to the “Anti-Anti-Aging” agenda. This group ranges from the “We should all die to make room for the youth” to the well we might live forever but telomerase is NOT the answer” crowd.

I have made my peace

With the fact that there are people who feel it is “right and just” to oppose people living longer and healthier.

To the first group I say, “Put your name on a list and we’ll make sure you don’t get anything that would prolong your health span and life span- then you can die happy in the fact that you’ve made room for someone else”.

To the second group I say “well then show me what the answer is and please show me anything else that has immortalized cell lines or added life and health span to mammals.” Clearly it’s not mitochondria, calorie restriction or anti-oxidants.

 The recent issues surrounding the failure of calorie restriction to deliver the former should be noted. Increasing health span (how long you are healthy) with increasing life span is the bailiwick of telomerase expression alone. And if you think about it if you could be healthier while living longer why not?

Now for a few more complicated concepts

1.      Aging has been partially reversed in living mammals (mice) by increasing telomerase expression. In at least two separate studies (Ron DePinho and Maria Blasco) the reversals were dramatic. Additionally Dr Blasco later showed that mice are indeed a valid model for human aging shutting down the argument that, “mice don’t age by telomere loss”.  Yes they do and I have detailed that study for you in other blogs and plan to discuss it directly with Dr Blasco in the next couple of weeks again.

Author’s note: After this was written I did indeed go back to Madrid two more times and spend several hours with Dr Blasco. She expressed her disappointment with Calorie Restriction as a life prolonging strategy after an extensive literature review and the publication of one of her own papers where CR did not extend the life of her mice; only increasing telomerase expression did.  We also discussed telomere loss in aging mice and it appears clear that the mouse model of aging is really quite valid. Mice do age by telomere loss. They generally have much longer telomeres than people but loose telomere length much faster which contributes to their relatively short life span. This is most likely due to a less well developed anti-oxidant defense than humans have evolved.

2.      Telomere loss is the result of 2 main things: cellular replication and direct damage that can happen pretty much any time. Cellular replication is unstoppable and a necessary part of being alive. The only way to slow down the loss of telomere segments during replication, which is always there and always chewing away at them, is with a Telomere centric solution like the Immortality Edge Packs.

The rest of the damage

Cellular Damage

Is environmental / lifestyle and can be slowed down by proper lifestyle choices including stress relief, exercise, nutrition and so on. But this is only going to slow the process. not reverse it.

Recently I saw yet another blog that said “Fish oil leads to longer telomeres!”  By now you should know I am a huge champion of fish oil  .  I would love nothing better than to see it “lengthen telomeres”. But it does not. It slows down the loss. This is huge and meaningful and wonderful but it’s not Immortality Edge Packs!

The problem arises because compared to the people who did not take fish oil the ones that did, have “longer telomeres”.  But no one looked at their telomere length to begin with, only after the fact in the two groups. If they had they would see that concept #1- telomere loss due to cellular replication caused BOTH groups to have shorter telomeres than when they started with so NO ONE actually had longer telomeres than when they started.  The fish oil group had longer telomeres than the other group at the end of the study when they were measured but still lost telomere length overall due to cellular replication.

There is no easier way to explain it!

OK so what is the bottom line?

  1. Aging can and has been stopped by telomerase activation to lengthen critically short and eventually most telomere lengths.  In this way you can stop the #1 loss- replication.
  2. TA-65 is the only compound with solid human (or actually ANY human) data showing its effects on telomere length and causing health benefits in human beings that correlate with “anti-aging” effects. TA-65 increases telomerase expression.
  3. Live organisms have had their life spans extended past what is known to be the maximum in the wild and in the lab by increased telomerase expression with no increases in cancer.
  4. Health span and health parameters parallel each other from human cell lines to mammals to human beings- with similar systems being improved including: immune, skin, brain/behavior/ inflammation/sugar handling/ fat handling
  5. Fish oil, especially fish oil, has been shown to slow telomere loss in meaningful (clinical) fashion as well as some other anti-oxidants but none have shown increased telomere length in humans. Slowing down loss is NOT THE SAME as adding length. But when you look at oxidative environments, anti-oxidants and Omega 3’s can reverse some of this damage and telomerase seems to take care of the rest.
  6. With a combination of things ranging from TA-65 and Ultra 85 I have reduced my % of short telomeres by 5% and lengthened my telomeres by 600 base pairs in 4 .5 years. Nothing else could stem the tide of my ever shortening biologic time clocks. At this very moment I am running studies to compare my stem cell telomere lengths and establish that data base as well.

What steps should you take to lengthen your telomeres or at least slow the loss? If you are not already clear on what life style modifications matter, or where to start, here is some suggested reading:

Next get and take enough high quality fish oil to reverse the omega 3 deficit in your body. If you are not sure where you stand get one of the at home tests and find out .This test does not require a doctor’s prescription, is very simple to do at home, and is well worth it so you know you’re starting point.

If you can afford the Immortality Edge Packs by all means do so. If not make sure you at least consider the suggested reading above for lifestyle suggestions you can implement free of charge!

If not then focus on things like Vitamin D and Co Q 10 to boost your anti-oxidant defenses.

I firmly believe that aging can be stopped in humans. I also believe that it will take baby steps first to get there and yes we are in the “baby step” age right here right now. But if you don’t take those baby steps now you may not be able to walk or run when the time comes.

Dr Dave

What would happen if we could stop telomeres from shortening or maybe even lengthen them in spite of advancing chronological age?

There is in fact a mechanism where this can be done. Humans and all other mammals have an enzyme known as telomerase that can lengthen the telomere ends and thus slow down the loss of telomere base pairs.

The activity of telomerase sensibly varies with the divisional activity of the different cell types. For instance immune system cells have highly active telomerase and can rapidly divide when the body senses foreign bacterial or viral invaders. Stem cells also have a high level of telomerase capacity. But most other normal somatic cells have very low levels of telomerase.

Cell Apoptosis

Cell Apoptosis

But in any case, the normal activity of telomerase is not sufficient to mitigate against the inevitable loss of telomere base pairs and the resulting senescence or apoptosis (programmed death) of our cells.

The search of a safe compound that activates telomerase in humans has been going on for just over a decade now, paralleling other scientific research in the new field of telomere biology.

There is of course much controversy surrounding the moral, social, and biologic ramifications of lengthening human telomeres and everything to do with the science of Telomere Biology is still viewed by many as being “experimental”.

Fortunately that “experiment”

Is actually taking place at my laboratories right now. The first result from my efforts, and currently the best, telomere centric “pill” on the market safe for human consumption I dubbed the “Immortality Edge Packs“. 

Immortality Edge Packs in part are derived from the Astragalus root, which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many, many years. It’s track record is stellar, and it appears to be very safe for human consumption (no adverse effects have been reported to date) and we have extensive data on the effects it has on the specific telomeres that cause all the problems. Those are the shortest telomeres; it only takes a single short telomere to send a cell into crisis.

Scientists at other companies and in university labs all over the world are now looking for other compounds – both synthetic and natural- that will maintain the telomere, and the promising discoveries have been few and far between. It certainly hasn’t dissuaded me from continuing my research for the best possible solution.

As more and more research is done

In the area of Telomere Biology, the mechanisms of human aging will become clearer and the applications for disease treatment as well as life extension will become more apparent.

After one year of data acquisition the results from my own personal testing have been very, very promising. I religiously measure my telomere lengths through a company which produces, in my humble opinion, the most accurate testing method available today (if you want to see their testing method check them out at

Ultimately it is possible

That the Immortality Edge Packs or similar telomere centric supplements & drugs may be used for the treatment improvement and prevention of many of the diseases commonly associated with aging including diabetes, immune disorders and osteoporosis. We are not there yet, but we are getting closer everyday.

Untangling the mysteries of Telomere Biology

Will not stop people from drinking, smoking, stressing, or simply overdoing it (extreme forms of exercise like running Marathons actually shortens telomere length). All such activities amount to burning the candle at both ends and putting overindulgent people into early graves. But for those of us who lead healthy lives, the ravages of old age are still waiting for us.

Telomeres and telomerase are at the crux of human aging and telomere centric products like IEP offer the only current opportunity to delay our own meeting with the Grim Reaper.

So is aging unstoppable? I’ll be addressing that shortly, so stay tuned!

Dr Dave

This is a long read – but it starts the process of going into detail about telomeres and the theory of longevity so it’s an important read! I’ve broken it into 2 parts to keep it manageable, but make sure you don’t miss any of the info in this article!

Ever since the dawn of man

The desire for eternal life has been a compelling dream. From Methuselah to Ponce de Leon to Dorian Gray, stories of what might happen if man could live for extended periods have permeated every culture and every consciousness.

But it has only been in the last 50 years that the sobering reality of death has bumped up against a real hope for a longer disease and pain free life. It all began ironically enough with a question. A young scientist at the Wister Institute in Philadelphia named Lenhard Hayflick wanted to know whether human cells were really immortal as was then the accepted dogma.

Hayflick found that normal human cells can only divide a certain number of times and accordingly have a finite life span that under ideal conditions could allow a person to live for approximately 120 years. The number of times a cell can divide became known as the Hayflick limit.

It took more than 20 years before the actual mechanism of the Hayflick limit began to be understood and another 20 before it was completely explained.

The Biological Time Clock

While over simplified, the nature of cellular aging and thus the aging of the human organism can be summed up by the “biological time clock theory.” There is a natural biological time clock in every single cell in the body. This “time clock” resides in a simple end cap sequence of repetitive DNA known as the telomere.

The telomere functions to keep our DNA in its optimum double helix form. It also acts as a primer sequence that allows proper replication of the DNA when the cell divides.

Unfortunately with each and every replication of our DNA, part of the telomere sequence is chopped off. It is in this “chopping off” that the key to aging has been found.

For a better perspective

Let’s look at conception, birth and finally death from a cellular standpoint.

When we are conceived the union of sperm and egg has some 15,000 base pairs in its telomeres. After many replications a newborn human is formed and born with approximately 10,000 base pairs in each telomere sequence.

Thus in the uterine development of a human, when cells are dividing furiously to make a newborn baby, 5000 base pairs of telomere length are lost. In a sense we start to die the minute we are conceived!

During the continuum of human life

The trillions of cells that make up a person continue to divide, grow and replicate. With each cell division a few base pairs of DNA are lost until when the critical limit of approximately 5000 base pairs is reached, the cell is no longer able to divide. Then one of two things happens; either it enters a phase called senescence which is like retirement where the cell doesn’t work much anymore but is still alive or the cell commits suicide (apoptosis) and dies.

Whether senescent or dead, such cells are obviously no longer able to function in the ways they did when they were “young”. If one extrapolates this process to billions of cells within each organ system, we can see why organ function declines with age and eventually people wear out.

Even if we never contracted a disease of any kind, we would eventually wear out because of this mechanism. The oldest man has lived to 113 years and the oldest woman Jeanne Calment actually approached the theoretical Hayflick limit by reaching an age of 122 years before passing away in 1997.

But such people were clearly anomalies

Unfortunately most of us will die before reaching the age of 85. Why you ask?

The answer to this question may lie in a combination of Telomere Biology and the insight of Shakespeare! In Hamlet when the bard wrote the phrase, “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” he may have unknowingly been describing the mechanism that will eventually kill most of us.

Stress; environmental exposure to toxins including UV radiation; excesses of drink, tobacco, drugs, and food; lack of sleep; and of course physical trauma all accelerate the cellular replication process, accelerating telomere loss.

The body tries to maintain a normal compliment of functioning cells and our behavior or sometimes simply the slings and arrows of our environment and our misfortunes forces our cells to replicate faster and in larger quantities than would be “normal.” That accelerates the march toward reaching our finite Hayflick limit which under perfect conditions equals about 120 years.

Each cell replication accelerates telomere shortening and each replication brings us one step closer to death.

Our current average lifespan

Of around 80 years (in America) is caused by the interplay between telomere length, “average” genetics, and environmental factors.

While the direct correlation of telomere length and disease process in humans is generally not understood, there is now overwhelming evidence that people with diseases associated with aging have shorter telomeres than healthy people. And the other theories of aging can’t account for this fact.

The free radical theory of aging

Postulates that cumulative free radical damage to cells causes aging and eventually death. Clearly if an organism had unlimited ability to replicate and replace damaged cells with healthy ones, free radicals would cease to be an issue.

Also intriguing is the fact that human cancer cells, even though immortal, have very short telomeres, which allows the DNA orientation to change and gene expression to change thereby unmasking oncogenes and encouraging mutations.

More research is needed in the area of telomeres and disease but the emerging evidence points to the benefits of maintaining a telomere length that is above the critical level of 5000 base pairs at which point cells go into a state of “crisis”.

All of this begs the question: what would happen if we could stop telomeres from shortening or maybe even lengthen them in spite of advancing chronological age?

For the sake of keeping this email under “epic novel” length I’m going to be covering that in my next chapter of my Telomere guide – so stay tuned!

Dr Dave

In case you missed it: Part 2: Mind Blowing Telomere Breakthroughs of the Past 10 Years

When I ask people that question

You’d be surprised at the answers I get.  The dollar values go from $10,000 on the low side (no, I am not kidding) to priceless.  And of course there are the people unwilling to even play this as a game who say, “Every life is priceless.”

So, I am going to ask you the question in a different way.

How often do you think of your healthspan and lifespan when you make the following choices:

  1. How much sleep to get on a regular basis? How are your stress levels?
  2. How much exercise and what kind to do on a regular basis?
  3. What food and supplement choices do you make?
  4. Where you get your information on health from?
  5. Do you meditate regularly or not? What do you surround yourself with in life?
  6. Have you had your Vitamin D or Omega 6/3 ratios tested on at least an annual basis?
  7. Do you know what your telomere length is and have you checked in again a year or so later to see what direction things are headed?
The Immortality Edge

Whether you know it or not, each and every one of those questions relates directly to the length of your biologic time clocks, known as telomeres. If you read our book “The Immortality Edge,” then you have a pretty strong inkling about why these are important questions and why they form the cornerstone of healthy lifestyles.

The truth is

There are many sources for information about your health. If you believe that the best source is someone who sells pots, pans and magnetic widgets and just about everything under the sun, then you are missing the point.  I am not the only one with good information, but I am the only one who has written a book about what is clearly the most important biologic marker for aging ever discovered: the telomere. My old motto “others will copy but none compare” has never been truer than in this field of cutting edge, anti-aging medicine.

I have always believed everyone should do everything they can to preserve this life and to improve their health for as long as possible. I have been a guinea pig for that very purpose many times in my life. I continue to take large doses of my own ultra-pure fish oil every day and to monitor my Omega 6/3 ratios.

I was in Iceland doing research on that very topic. I am also in my third year of taking Immortality Edge Packs (a topic we’ll touch on much more later in this guide!) not only because it is helping my telomere length, but because I feel great on it and less great when I stop it).

I understand you may not

Think you can afford Immortality Edge Packs.  All I can do is ask the question, “What is your life worth?” If the answer is “not that much!” then you should have a serious look at the things you can effect with little monetary effort – your eating and exercise habits. If your answer is “priceless” then what exactly are you waiting for?

Either way, I think you are worth it and I’d bet there is at least one other person who agrees! I’m even willing to put my money where my mouth is. I certainly didn’t make the Immortality Edge Packs to get rich, and I’d like to offer the best discount I possibly can without having to take out a second mortgage on my house to supply the world with this product.

Dr. Dave

*Authors note: Ironic and funny: when this was written it was true, No one else had written a book for the non scientist on telomeres. Since then of course there have been quite a few more that have come out lending credence to the next sentence: “Others will copy…” The rest of the phrase is, “but none compare!” That is true but it doesn’t stop the copycats!

Did you miss part 1? You can read it here.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD

I know for some of you we just have been introduced, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about me. I’ve been an MD for decades now, and for the past 20 years my true passion has been anti-aging medicine. You see my Dad, who was also an MD and my personal hero and inspiration passed away around that time, and it was really a wake up call for me.

I decided right in that moment that there was zero reason that aging couldn’t be overcome, and as I dug into it I was shocked to find out how few people were working on what literally kills everyone who survives all the other rigors of this world. I’ve traveled the world, I’ve read mountains of research, and I’ve met with the top experts in the field. All of it can be summed up as this – aging can (and will!) be something we as humans eventually overcome, and it’s long past time that some serious effort was put in to tackle the problem.

Over the past 2 decades I have truly embraced the discipline of “anti-aging medicine” which I now call “The Science of Staying Young.” Using myself as a guinea pig, I’ve successfully added over 1400 base pairs to my telomere length (as measured by LifeLength). Here are some of the biggest breakthroughs of the last ten that got me to where I am today.

1) Exercise for your age

The right kind of exercise works; the wrong kind damages. A recent study pointed out that these folks had longer telomeres.

What they did not address was the fact that people who can exercise longer are probably naturally given the genetic and molecular tools to have longer telomeres and a lot of other things that preserve youth.

But wait there is more.

At most, 30% of what happens to you is genetic, so that means you control 70% of your fate! Bottom line: do the right kinds of exercise. Start by reading my article exercises that have strong evidence that they can help your telomeres. Exercise is an inexpensive and effective first step, and I strongly recommend you give it a read.

Exercise needs to change as we age. The right kind of exercise works; the wrong kind damages. A recent study pointed out that these folks had longer telomeres.

What they did not address was the fact that people who can exercise longer are probably naturally given the genetic and molecular tools to have longer telomeres and a lot of other things that preserve youth.

But wait there is more.

At most, 30% of what happens to you is genetic, so that means you control 70% of your fate! Bottom line: do the right kinds of exercise. Start by reading my article exercises that have strong evidence that they can help your telomeres. Exercise is an inexpensive and effective first step, and I strongly recommend you give it a read.

Ultra Potent Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil
My Favorite Ultra Potent Fish Oil

2) Fish oil.

You didn’t think you’d get away without hearing about that did you?! Let me just say this. Ten years ago I was chastised, criticized and verbally abused by a medical system that is still today 20 years behind the times. There are still thousands of doctors who are brainwashed by Big Pharma and do not recognize the importance of fish oil. Fish oil IS NOT a telomerase activator! But it DOES increase cellular viability. You can read more about my findings on fish oil as it relates to telomeres here.

3) Hormone support and protein, (or both)

The “anabolic” (muscle growing) effects of whey protein (not soy, not egg, but whey!) are finally acknowledged by both doctors and scientists as is the protein calorie malnutrition that accompanies the frailty of old age. Drink your protein in a low sugar, highly nutritious form. About a year ago I embarked on a quest for the ultimate in nutrition and I believe I have found it in the ketogenic diet. It’s a LONG read (more then 15 parts!!) but you can follow my journey through dietary change in my ketogenic diet series.

When the FDA and the government joined together to make the use of anabolics and growth hormone illegal because of athletic abuse, they removed the possibility of using hormones to fix relative adult deficiencies. The latest Tiger Woods fiasco didn’t help.

But you can support natural hormone levels with a product I make called Super Male Max X, which require no shots and is not illegal. I formulated it specifically for this purpose. Ladies don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you and I’m working on something specifically formulated for you.

4) Vitamin D

Both Young Life Daily and my favorite Ultra Potent Fish Oil contain vitamin D but you might want to consider taking even more and getting your levels checked. There are a number of great options out there, and I encourage you to seek them out.

That is it for now (and if you followed the links it’s a TON of information. Sorry about the overload!.  Notice these are all age combating things you can do easily and simply — something I have been helping people achieve for the last decade.

Dr Dave

PS When this material was last edited very recently an important piece of the exercise puzzle was delivered. It’s no longer good enough to do “20 minutes 3X a week” of exercise. A minimum of 100 minutes and even better-200 minutes- is needed for any real benefit. Also remember exercise is a great fitness tool but a not so great diet tool! Check out my detailed writing on the subject.

Telomeres May Be The Single Most Important Health Indicator Ever Discovered.

First off I want to congratulate you on taking the first step to better understanding telomeres and how they relate to your health. They are a complex topic, and I’ll do my best to explain each and every piece of information you need to know about them. I strongly believe they are one of the single greatest indicators of lifespan and health, and it’s of the utmost importance that everyone understands them. Way to be a leader of the pack by taking this first step! With that in mind, let’s get started!!

I have watched a lot of changes in medical thinking over the past couple of decades, particularly the last ten years.  Sadly, there is a huge lag between pioneering studies and pioneering thinkers and the way medicine is practiced in this country. Medical practice in this country is far more often driven by dollars and cents then actual intellectual information.

For instance, those of us who practiced real Anti-aging medicine knew that vascular disease is caused by chronic oxidative stress that the body can no longer handle.  Antioxidants were the first line of defense against this stress that is going on right now inside of you and me.

Five years ago or so, Time Magazine had this “revelation” as its cover story.  Subsequently, the powers that be (you know, Big Pharma, traditional drug oriented medical authorities) felt sufficiently threatened to mount an “Anti – antioxidant” campaign that is still going on to this day.

Such brilliant headlines as

“Vitamins no good for you”, “Antioxidants show no benefit” and my personal favorite, “Antioxidants may make oxidation worse, if you take too much” all did their part to foster fear-based decisions by doctors and their patients.

If you knew how to read studies, of course most of them did not show what the headlines claimed and almost all of them were poorly done, with the same tiny doses of Vitamin E and Vitamin C that would ensure failure because of dose and the actual anti-oxidant choices themselves. Some of this was the fault of “alternative medicine”, however, whose early pioneers had championed the “Get healthy with Vitamin C” type approach to supplementation.

Once the way to failure was clear, the naysayers could simply repeat the same study over and over again to PROVE anti-oxidants don’t work.

Perhaps the saddest thing

Is today we have bona fide ways to measure, not only the antioxidant capacity of supplements, foods, the amount of inflammation in our bodies, but we have an even more definitive measurement of how all of this affects us, that almost no one is using: Telomere length.

To recap, telomeres are the biologic time clocks I wrote a book about with two other very bright people, – in 2010 called, ”The Immortality Edge” it was also all about telomeres. Ultimately, the telomere represents how long your cells (and thus you!) live.

Most of my readers know a ton more about them than their doctors do.  Today’s information is all about telomeres, vascular disease and inflammation, and of course the role of antioxidants in preserving telomere health and your health.

If you take the cells that line your blood vessels and expose them to oxidation, they will mount an effective defense, for a while.  At some point, the damage will be too much to repair and the health of the cell will begin to suffer and so will you!  Functionally, the cell may do its job, but something has to give. What gives is the telomere – that little biologic time clock that determines how long the cell can live and how many healthy cells you have to play with.

Researchers who did this experiment found that when the cell was asked to duplicate itself to make new cells to handle the vascular lining, it lost twice as much telomere length as cells that were not depleted of antioxidants.

What results is, the skin within the blood vessels gets too thin and sickly and cannot repair itself any more. Then, all of the steps that lead to clogged blood vessels, strokes, heart attacks and so forth get started.

I will save the speech on why Vitamin C and Vitamin E do little to change this, but I will tell you there ARE antioxidants that slow down this loss, combat inflammation, help cells keep their regenerative power as long as possible and, if they are ever seriously studied, will make a lot of pharmaceuticals unnecessary.

Which means they will never be seriously studied.

My contribution to the field of telomere based antioxidants are the Immortality Edge Packs. You won’t find anything else out there that cares for your telomeres like this does.

When I wrote my parts of our book “The Immortality Edge“, I spent a ton of time researching the best antioxidants for that very purpose.  The Immortality Edge Packs are the result of that work and thus are unique among supplements.

Almost 5 Decades Later…

So here we are now, almost -five decades after inflammation was discovered as a cause, not only of disease, but of aging – premature aging to be specific.  It is treatable, reversible to some degree at least, and directly related to the health of the telomere biologic time clocks.

Almost no one is testing for it; almost no one is treating it, especially not Big Pharma. Twenty or thirty years from now, there will be a patented antioxidant drug that all of the alphabet agencies approve of and all of the busy overwhelmed doctors hand out like candy (or statin drugs!).

But, if you wait for that “revelation”, you and your cells will be 20 or 30 years older.

The choice is yours, but you can bet I am not waiting. I want to be a thick skinned individual!

Dr. Dave

PS There is a ton of information on telomeres, so I’ve decided to break it up over a number of chapters, with this one being the first and many more to come. I’ve found it’s best to digest information a bit at a time so it really has a chance to sink in.