Dr. Dave’s Telomere Book Part 3: How Much is Your Life Worth

In case you missed it: Part 2: Mind Blowing Telomere Breakthroughs of the Past 10 Years

When I ask people that question

You’d be surprised at the answers I get.  The dollar values go from $10,000 on the low side (no, I am not kidding) to priceless.  And of course there are the people unwilling to even play this as a game who say, “Every life is priceless.”

So, I am going to ask you the question in a different way.

How often do you think of your healthspan and lifespan when you make the following choices:

  1. How much sleep to get on a regular basis? How are your stress levels?
  2. How much exercise and what kind to do on a regular basis?
  3. What food and supplement choices do you make?
  4. Where you get your information on health from?
  5. Do you meditate regularly or not? What do you surround yourself with in life?
  6. Have you had your Vitamin D or Omega 6/3 ratios tested on at least an annual basis?
  7. Do you know what your telomere length is and have you checked in again a year or so later to see what direction things are headed?
The Immortality Edge

Whether you know it or not, each and every one of those questions relates directly to the length of your biologic time clocks, known as telomeres. If you read our book “The Immortality Edge,” then you have a pretty strong inkling about why these are important questions and why they form the cornerstone of healthy lifestyles.

The truth is

There are many sources for information about your health. If you believe that the best source is someone who sells pots, pans and magnetic widgets and just about everything under the sun, then you are missing the point.  I am not the only one with good information, but I am the only one who has written a book about what is clearly the most important biologic marker for aging ever discovered: the telomere. My old motto “others will copy but none compare” has never been truer than in this field of cutting edge, anti-aging medicine.

I have always believed everyone should do everything they can to preserve this life and to improve their health for as long as possible. I have been a guinea pig for that very purpose many times in my life. I continue to take large doses of my own ultra-pure fish oil every day and to monitor my Omega 6/3 ratios.

I was in Iceland doing research on that very topic. I am also in my third year of taking Immortality Edge Packs (a topic we’ll touch on much more later in this guide!) not only because it is helping my telomere length, but because I feel great on it and less great when I stop it).

I understand you may not

Think you can afford Immortality Edge Packs.  All I can do is ask the question, “What is your life worth?” If the answer is “not that much!” then you should have a serious look at the things you can effect with little monetary effort – your eating and exercise habits. If your answer is “priceless” then what exactly are you waiting for?

Either way, I think you are worth it and I’d bet there is at least one other person who agrees! I’m even willing to put my money where my mouth is. I certainly didn’t make the Immortality Edge Packs to get rich, and I’d like to offer the best discount I possibly can without having to take out a second mortgage on my house to supply the world with this product.

Dr. Dave

*Authors note: Ironic and funny: when this was written it was true, No one else had written a book for the non scientist on telomeres. Since then of course there have been quite a few more that have come out lending credence to the next sentence: “Others will copy…” The rest of the phrase is, “but none compare!” That is true but it doesn’t stop the copycats!

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