Life Gets Much More Precious When There’s Less of it to Waste

As you can tell from the Bonnie Rait quote above, I have been on a musical journey lately.

And as far as MY journey and My Truth – I learned very early, earlier than most that life is not forever. When I was 6 my cousin John died after being hit by a drunk driver. When I was 9 my cousin Michael who was born just a few days before me died of meningitis. When I was 21 my brother died in a car accident. And then of course there was the bevy of beloved aunts uncles and relatives, culminating with my dad in 2000 and my mom in 2015.

English poet John Donne said, “Every man’s death affects me!” He was referring to the “We are all one concept” something that I actually don’t agree with but that is for a later time. In each case the loss of a loved one affected me in a very succinct way. Each one changed me and most probably helped shaped my career as an anti-aging doc.

Speaking of careers there was not a week that did not go by during my active medical practice that I did not lose at least one patient. As an empath, a giving genuine human being actually capable of loving others unlike so many narcists out there and a healer each loss left a mark.

What struck me the most…

Was that though many people “made peace” with their ultimate demise, almost in a preset biochemical/spiritual way, most people were not prepared to die in the sense that they would have loved more life to have more fun, more time with their loved ones and most ironically to correct their transgressions and the damage they had done to others that they were able to sweep under the rug until their last moments.

I am not talking a few people here – I am talking 95%! Making peace with the lord in their last moments did not stop them from wishing for more life and a chance to do better.

This also left a mark. I always as the question, “Who is the man you really want to be and what if this is the last time you will see this person?” IN the turest sense of the word its not about them, its about me and who I am. That is what I call “self love”- a term that is used to excuse the current trend to not be able to form meaningful giving and taking relationships with others.

Now truthfully some people quite frankly deserve to be slapped for wasting the time and life god gave them to create.

This may sound harsh, but no one knows better than I about the Buddhist law of Impermanence- “Nothing is forever!” I have lately softened my stance and simply realize that while some people ask for help, they don’t want to be told what to do- ever. You may know better but they choose to suffer inadvertently. Doing so guarantees they will run backwards instead of forwards.

I cannot tolerate backward motion in my or anyone’s life and doing so is a 100% guarantee you will never see me again in this or any other lifetime.

This attitude has been led me to be called uncompassionate, harsh, moving to fast and to black and white in my decision making.

Well see how you feel on your death bed. If you cannot accept your own mortality you will find you moved too slow, were indecisive or made deliberately bad decisions because you thought there might be enough time or another chance at life a little later or because you thought you could “get away with it”. Call it Divine Accounting or Karma but I can always tell you when someone is headed for a Karmic Shitstorm of their own device!

However, I cannot always predict the future, but the concept of living each day to your best, finding the most joy and not wasting time with those things and places that do not serve you is absolutely the best path forward. This is in direct contradiction to the “let life show you because it always works out!” attitude.

No actually it doesn’t. people just settle for less!

Which brings me to the reason d’etre for this email.

Don’t settle for LESS! If you view yourself as less you will attract less. If you view yourself as unworthy guess what!….

I make a telomerase activator called Telokynase that I sincerely believe will add MORE health and longevity to many people’s lives. I take it every day.

IN the lab it has shown “youthing” properties in stem cells, increased telomerase activation, and some very potent anti-cancer and anti-viral properties. In the LAB in human cell cultures. At some point when funds allow I will put it into human studies, I will do those but I am not waiting!

I’m not waiting because as the death of Eddie Van Halen at age 65 recently showed, as well as the deaths of some people I knew and cared for, death plays no favorites!

I am not waiting because I do not want to be in the 95% that have to accept death, I want to be in the 5% that accept it because they have lived a long, full, healthy life, emulating their creator by creating things that enrich others and bring joy and fun into people’s lives.

I am not waiting because no matter how long you live, life tends to be too short and I would rather die laughing or at least with a smile on my face. And when my life passes before me in that last instant, I want it to be the source of that smile.

Don’t wait, act NOW!!!

Dr Dave

PS If Telokynase is hard on your budget remember there has already been one improvement and I am certain their will be more. If you lock in on subscription/continuity you will not pay more-ever!

If it’s still out of the question you can go for the next best thing and add in Immortality Edge Packs.

RIP Eddie Van Halen, Alan Holdsworth, Gary Moore, Uncle Jack and Mimi….

*No medical curative diagnostic or medically mitigating claims are made for this or any other product!!!

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