Turning 65?

Turning 65?

Now I am not revealing my age but its pretty easy to document in public record if you so choose.

Looking at the wide depth and breadth of my audience there is still a large representation in this immediate age range.

So, I started thing on this my birthday, what I have noticed and what big changes I have to deal with in the immediate and long term future.

The following can be applied as my experience- to the 55-70 year old age group.

Ennui is a big one. Not on my part so much but on the part of the world in generally. I’d have to say that while people are not “more negative” they are less positive and less willing to take chances. While I’m still able to generate some excitement with my findings and research the whole concept of anti-aging seems to be something people are not all that excited about- except in cosmetics. While I have some absolutely unique one of a kind things, I cannot compete with channel, loreal, and all the other hugely funded cosmetic companies that are doing things I did 10 years ago (remember RG cell?). So, my discoveries remain largely undiscovered by the public.

I’d have to say the same thing about the telomerase activator and the Immortality Edge Packs Even when I published a 15-20 year telomere age reversal test obtained by one of my long term users, no one noticed. Maybe they didn’t care!

More Limited resources.  Since Cvd and the following economic debacle almost all small businesses that “make something tangible” instead of selling apps or information have suffered greatly from the reticence of their customers to invest in themselves, supply chain issues and huge increases in transport costs.

I am no exception, but for the moment enough was created before to weather this storm even if barely. Where it has slowed down progress is in the further research and development of new compounds and new delivery systems.  I have and am currently self funded. I’d like to think when things lighten up as it seems they must some of the missing customers will return as they feel confident enough to get out of survival mode and invest in their health again.  But that is not guaranteed.

Another thing that seems to have happened as a result of some of the “social isolation” that was forced upon us is, well social isolation. In general, my age matched friends have done less, traveled less, seen less and most sadly created less.

Physically I’ve been treated to a few minor injuries that taken as a whole are more of an annoyance than a show stopper.  Thank God! Not sure what I would do if I couldn’t maintain the usual high level of activity and health.

Then again that is what I have dedicated my life to!!!!

Mentally thanks to brain force one I am sharper than ever and my creativity knows no bounds.  But I’ve had to channel it into my guitar playing and Yoga teaching and practice as well as book writing instead of biochemistry and compound creation for obvious financial reasons.

I have not intention nor need of slowing down but some things had to be temporarily morphed.

I remain optimistic that I will remain visible, meaningful and contribute to the good of my fellow man even if its on a smaller scale.

It has been said you can be or do or have anything you want. That sells well but it is subject to modification on occasion.

I am eternally grateful that it STILL applies in my case and I Wish it for you as well

Thanks for being with me on this journey!

Dr Dave

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  1. ~ Orvetta Holloway

    I simply love your vitamin supplements and though due to temporary financial issues I was lead to temporarily deviate and in my efforts to try to find substitutes for lesser cost, by far your vitamins are second to none. Often imitated but NEVER duplicated. I am back , not going anywhere again and truly thankful that you are still making this amazing longevity health opportunity available to so many individuals and myself. I send blessings in abundance your way. Thank you for all you do !!!

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