Telokynase is Available Again for a limited Time Starting Now

Please note this is a special email that is not being sent to everyone, Just a very select few people. As you know when I say these things I am not kidding!

I’m writing you to let you know that Telokynase my new telomerase activator is again available for a very limited time.

The process was refined a bit and we were able to produce it a bit faster but still in very limited quantities. We are actually 3 months ahead of schedule which given the current COVID-19 pandemic is very timely (see below).

Since you were among the first to take advantage of my newest discovery I’d like to offer it to you again at a very discounted price of $300/bottle $750 for 3 bottles and $1200 for 6 bottles. Please note the shelf life is 1.5 years so buying now will not outdate your product even if you still have some left from the original sale.

Typical dose is 1 a day but during the flu season you might want to increase to 2 a day at once.

In case you are wondering why it’s so close to what it actually costs me here are the reasons:

  1. I have not yet recouped the investment in research, extraction and developer of the molecule- in other words I need the money fast lol.
  2. I absolutely reward customer loyalty and
  3. We are in the midst of a developing COVID-“corona virus” pandemic and I truly believe the anti-viral and immune boosting attributes of this compound will help. I sure as hell am taking it every day

As mentioned above the shelf life is 1.5 years if stored in a cool dry place (do not refrigerate!) so you can figure on what you buy now lasting till at least the end of summer 2021 potency wise.

That’s it! Same as last time, limited quantities so buy now and stock up. I cannot guarantee future pricing at this level and as I said its going for a lot more on the site when we finally do a public launch. You can figure on this price for only 1-2 days.

Stay Younger, Stay Stronger, Stay Healthier and again my sincerest thanks for your support.

Without your help I cannot do what I do!!!

Best, Dr Dave

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