Telomeres – Just the Tip!

Briefly let me remind you that

At the tip of every chromosome there is a telomere- hopefully a health one.

More than any other biomarker including methylation marks and anti-oxidant status, telomere length correlates with longevity and health span.

While shorter telomeres do not point to a specific diagnosis or a specific process, they do point to a statistical difference in both health and life span. In spite of all the hoopla about extending life by other means, telomere length and lengthening is the only thing in studies that extends the chronologic and biologic life span of an organism. Ask the methylation clock people to show you an intervention that extends (key word being extends!) life span based on their findings. Ask the fans of mTor to show you the same.

At best you will get something that looks like what is already the know genetic/epigenetic limit of that organism. I may be splitting hairs but that is not Life Extension past what is already known.

Stabilize Telomere Lengths

To do the latter you have to have to have to stabilize and lengthen telomeres.  Now that alone may not be enough but it sure looks like it is the crossroads of aging that we have all been looking for.

Immortality Edge Packs

I have a purpose designed supplement for telomere health that is all natural and easy to take

It’s ingredients are sourced from the best places on earth, and it’s 100% tested and manufactured right here in the USA to my exacting standards.


I tell people to do anything and everything they want to try and can afford to lengthen their lives and the health that they want to come with advancing age.

I tell them to start here.

You can do anything else you want, but don’t neglect this.  Take care of those Tips!!!


I’ve decided to change things up a bit.

You might have noticed my writing style over the past week has ramped up, and now the email formatting has changed. I’ve decided that to truly get where I am trying to take my vision for Anti-Aging ideology that things needed switching up a bit. I want to engage you and others just like you. Let me know what you think, the good, the bad and the ugly! Leave me a comment over on Facebook, or shoot me an email reply from here and tell me what I can be doing better.

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