The Darwin Award for Supplements goes to the makers of Telovite

There is not law or limit on capitalism. There are no police on the internet. And finally you cannot apparently be penalized for abject stupidity although honestly we can always hope that Darwin was right.

In case you don’t know the Darwin Awards are awarded every year in ongoing fashion to some unfortunate individuals who are no longer with us because of their abject stupidity.

If I were to give out Darwin Awards to supplement makers and sellers, the latest group to throw their hat into the ring of telomere supplements would be my number one choice.

The product is called “Telovite” a brilliant name don’t cha think. And basically that is what it is, yet another unresearched vitamin that someone threw together to cash in on the growing popularity of telomere supplements. Somewhere in the mix is a little Astragalus extract to catch your eye, the rest of it is pure speculation based on an article written by a “masters of health” not a doc, not a PhD and of course nothing to support anything real.

Now none of that is really out of line with much of what is otherwise being sold as telomere supplements. But it gets darker and dumber so read on.

The next tell tale issue is the lack of a price. You will not find out how much this costs until you give them vital information that will allow them to market you in ongoing fashion if they chose. I stopped there so I don’t know how much it costs but I would bet it’s in the $99 per month range.

The copy is standard Dan Kennedyesque wannabe but it’s so uncompelling I honestly hope whoever wrote it does not get paid a cent.

But it gets really really bad and embarrassing for everyone associated with it. That includes by the way the smiling face of one Dr James Meehan Jr. (for his sake I hope it’s not his real name!).

These people try to weave a compelling story to get you to buy their product, and the crown jewel in their argument is Nobel Prize winning Technology (the exact same phrase that TA-65 has been using for 5 years now) as discovered by one Elizabeth Blackthorn Nobel Laureate.

I honestly did a double take! The picture they show (see below) is a dead ringer for Elizabeth Blackburn the real Nobel Laureate. I thought omagosh she has a body double out there who is also a scientist.

What follows immediately is a short excerpt from the Telovite ad page where they botch Liz Blackburn’s name completely. And its in their video too!

Then I realized the awful truth! These idiots don’t even know who she is what she did and how to spell her name. The picture is indeed of Elizabeth Blackburn but these morons are so clueless they got it wrong. And put it on the Internet for everyone to see.

That should tell you everything you need to know about who they are what they are and of course the validity of things.

Misspelling the name of the person most responsible for the field of telomeres and telomerase is tantamount to misspelling your own last name or your mother’s if you are at all serious about what you are doing.

And Dr Meehan if that is your real name. I hope you are beyond embarrassed that you let these hacks use your name to sell something! Whatever they paid you it’s not enough to shoulder complete and lifelong embarrassment! Double check their work my friend!!!

Now it is my sincerest wish that Liz Blackburn has had enough of this nonsense and sues the living crap out of these people for unauthorized use of her image and as Al Sharpton calls it “besmurchifying” her name. I don’t know if that is legally possible but here’s hoping.

This is the worst kind of supplement advertising because it is so blatantly misguided and without knowledge that it gives us all a bad name.

“I’ve got a great idea! Let’s come out with a telomere supplement!” yeah let’s!

I have been in the telomere supplement and research field for 6 years now and I have never seen anything so stupid in my life.

Sadly some poor souls will be duped and buy this. They may be candidates for the Darwin Awards based on that fact alone!

Please don’t be one of them!*


*The ultimately irony and something that would make me a candidate for the Darwin Awards is if this was all a bad joke put out there by people just spoofing the telomere field. Again, sadly, they are serious!

**PSS Someone must have tipped them off because it looks like they have removed the moronic page from their web ad. Sorry guys! GOTCHA and GOTCHA forever and always! One of the great blessings and curses of the internet: nothing is ever really gone!

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