The Most Diabolical Anti-Aging Villains

Premise #1: You can and should live longer than 78 years! Now a lot of people will disagree with this saying “precedent exists for a reason”! I can remember the same statement being applied to stereotypes.

And while I wasn’t around to see or hear it there is credible evidence that most people thought flight was an impossibility for humans simply because people had tried and failed for at least 300 years.

So many people use the same logic and apply it to the process of aging.

This First Villain:

You will only live a few years longer than your parents! This Villain guarantees you will not want to change anything and you will accept exactly what you are being told is possible. Whatever the current medical establishment or Big Pharma tells you is what you set your intentions on.


Premise #2

Disease models are actually useful when applied to Aging, because current aging is actually a disease masquerading as a “natural process”. Dying of old age is actually just delaying the typical disease processes that kill off other people,

In a recent discussion with one of my scientific colleagues we asked the age-old question, “If it works for a disease does that mean that healthy people can benefit from some version or dose of the same thing?”

We both came to the same conclusion: since most “diseases of aging manifest with many of the symptoms and mechanisms of aging, they just happen sooner, the answer would be YES!” But its harder to show if you are not sure what “healthy” is.

There are indeed measures of healthy aging like telomere length, perhaps although less convincing, methylation clocks, stem cell viability response and numbers and inflammatory biomarkers along with specific T cell functionality. But these tests are expensive, rarely done in routine settings and often not looked at from the standpoint of aging. But they DO EXIST!

The 2nd Villain related to this premise is that Disease DOES NOT EQUATE to health in other words what works for sick people will not help healthy people be healthier. WRONG. All the tests I just mentioned prove that if you are actually looking for the evidence you WILL find it.

But if you are just checking the usual blood tests you will conclude what the usual doctors conclude and you will believe that we only have tools to slow down diseases.

Premise #3

Association and Causality are NOT the Same. If you are going to claim that you have something that interferes with aging that something needs to show data somewhere that it really does do that. When you look at lengthening telomeres at least in animal models of human aging the test subjects live longer and healthier. There is absolutely no such data for “methylation clocks” that show the accumulation of “methyl marks”. Methylation is Associated with aging – there is no causality data or age reversing therapies based on this.

Lengthening Telomeres and keeping them healthy is the cornerstone of buying runway for your future.

I make 2 products you should consider and get at least one of them.

Telokynase is my purpose build telomerase activator. You can look at how it helps stem cells stay young on the web site – something no one else has shown.

If that is too rich for your blood, I make a great telomere anti-oxidant called The Immortality Edge Pack. Resistance to stress keep telomeres healthier plain and simple. Pub Med is full of studies that show this. These telomere-based interventions CAUSE living things to be healthier and live longer!

Your Choice: Telokynase or Immortality Edge Packs.

Don’t fall into the clutches of the Villains!

Dr Dave

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