The “Other “Multi Vite on sale Today

You’ve often heard me rave about our great Multi Vite. But I do make another very special product- a multi vite specifically for your Telomeres.

IN case it’s been a while, Telomeres are the biologically time keepers that tell the cell how long it can live. They are located at the ends of the strands of the DNA genetic material.

They erode over lifetime due to 2 main stresses (and yes stress itself speeds up their loss).

Stress one– replication- the human body replaces 90% of its tissue every 7 years.

Stress two- Oxidative stress often called “Free radical stress” or inflammatory stress.

Several recent articles have shown how covid accelerates the loss of telomeres due to its stress on the body overall but especially the immune system. The recent articles on how covid may shrink the brain in a mimic of aging are especially scary. I am currently piloting an invention just for that problem but I can’t say a whole lot more yet.

Meantime I can tell you that every product I make has a purposed based on the effects of aging on the body.

The 2 big Telomere based products are The Immortality Edge Packs which we still have a decent supply of. The packs are true anti-oxidant arsenals. But they are not designed willy nilly! I put the specific ingredients in them to help save your telomeres from the ravages of oxidative stress. There are also some mild putative telomerase activators.

Someone once called them “The poor man’s telomerase activators” because they are reasonably priced. We still have some as I said but its not going to last at the current price. The raw materials alone have gone up 3X, and you can imagine what the Putin induced gas hikes (to use a Nancy Pelosi term) * have done to shipping! Now I do not plan on jacking up the price by a factor of 3x but there is no way I can keep them at the current price.

Unless you take advantage and order at the special get 4 for 3 pricing on subscription/continuity. Then I will hold the line even if we start taking a loss. Its too good a product to discontinue!

So, to be clear, if you want it and don’t order it now, you will pay MUCH more for it and miss the locked in “right this moment” pricing.

If you are already on Telokynase or want to start that is the Big Gun of Telomerase activators 3x ing the power of the current gold standard! We expect a new batch in late May but this batch will also suffer from increases in raw material and shipping so NOW is the time.

Its funny to hear all the BS excuses from the “covid crisis” to the Ukraine crisis as excuses to raise prices when the real answer is because “they” can. Its even funnier to hear the mainstream media parrot back the narrative. You will not hear any parroting hear- just the truth.

IT’s coming no matter what I do but I believe in my ability to create new things that may mitigate lots of things including inflation. Funny how inflation sounds a lot like inflammation!

Fight both, order now and get 3 for the price of 2!

Dr Dave

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