Bigger or Smaller in 2022

Ask yourself an honest question and give yourself an honest answer.

If things continue in the direction it seems to be going, will your life be bigger or smaller in 2022?

With the exception of a few exceptional people who recognize opportunity in adversity, the majority of people I know would say, “Smaller, absolutely smaller!”

Now that is not to say that they wish it so. Its exactly the opposite of what most people WANT!

But the fear mongering, the forced changes, the obvious loss of concern for freedom and the even more obvious meddling and changing of the narrative has left most people feeling powerless and even hopeless.

Here is the TRUTH!

What happens to you in the next year is very simply a choice.

You can choose to believe the world MUST change in a certain direction for the survival of the human species.

In point of fact, it actually MUST but it is not the direction you are being steered in. That too will turn out to be the opposite of what most people want.

Another simple truth is that unless we return to a feudal system of rulers by divine or other right YOU still have a choice.

My advice is make that choice NOW and do not wait for more to happen. Take control of your life and break the chains that are binding you without delay, hesitation or looking back.

THAT is the change that MUST happen and it MUST be an individual one before the “herd” gets it and follows along.

As individuals we can change the world, but it must start with ourselves, then our loved ones, then our friends. Then it will ripple outward.

Without an ounce of pride or hubris I can say unequivocally I have changed the world… for the better.

I would like to share my secrets right down to the daily and weekly new things I learn, a kind of diary if Dr Dave if you will.

That is what the 3rd iteration of Breaking the Chains Coaching and Mentorship is about.

I will give you a weekly group email just for members only, a weekly monthly newsletter of additional information and a private group video. There will also be a group coaching call once a month that will last at least an hour, probably much longer on occasion (these things always do!).

You can be part of this group for only $99 a month with a minimum commitment of 3 months ($299 total). This is a continuity/subscription program so you will be renewed at the end of 3 months unless you opt out then. Join now because space is limited!

I am giving you 3 months of my life, my discoveries and my personal coaching on how to combat aging, fitness, and business topics. As we go along, I will be asking who wants more of what so it will be tailored to your needs and of course there will be a questions forum that I will look at and do my best to answer the questions individually or in group format.

Many of my friends and customers would love to have been in the more expansive, more expensive programs but couldn’t afford the time or the money commitment.

I am not cheap as you know but I can tell you the value you will get goes way beyond the cost and that I ALWAYS overdeliver!

Again, Space is limited so join now and get ready to launch the first week of the New Year 2022!

It is one decision you will never regret!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, my secrets, my tactics and techniques with this select group of people.

I hope you value your future and join me in creating it!

Wishing You the Best Holidays ever and the same for the year that follows!

I can help!!!!

Dr Dave

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