Stay Younger and Healthier-Telokynase on sale today!!!

This is version 2.0 featuring micronized molecules AND 2 telomerase activators instead of one.

At the bottom of the copy page on the website you will find the documentation of prolonged viability and “stemness” of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells the most important anti-aging cells in the body.

This supplement was created, researched and produced only by me!!! No one else has it and its patented so no one else can copy it.

Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine have been my unmitigated passion since 2002 and I continue to learn grow and share my discoveries with YOU!

You may also recall in 2010 I wrote The Immortality Edge- the first book on Telomeres for the lay public.

Honestly since then, I have seen a proliferation of supplement nonsense on the topic of telomere extension and almost zero proof that any of the other stuff works.

We are planning to shortly initiate drug trials on higher dose versions of what is in Telokynase for anti-viral and anti-cancer studies. I make no medical claims on either of those things at the moment but I would not be spending the tremendous amount of money it takes to go down that path if there were not significant hope of a positive finding.

My mission in life is to alleviate the infirmity and suffering that comes with aging. Functionality and longevity may be the by products but those 2 things – infirmity and suffering have caused me the most sadness while watching my patients age.

I’m fighting back,

I hope you will join the fight at the current discounts!!!

Happy Holidays and the Best of Health and Happiness!

Dr Dave

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