The Currency of Creation Sale

This is Day 8 of our Holiday Sale and I want to talk to you about what it takes to create a different life.

It takes the ability to change your programs and take action on developing the attributes of independence.

That sentence pretty much condenses an entire book, coaching program or life experience into one short succinct statement.

It leaves out only one thing!

It also takes the energy to initiate and sustain those changes until they are hard wired into your behavior.

To that end my Secret Weapon – Energy X Maxx is on sale today. I have used it not only to provide the juice to get things done but also to improve and sustain my athletic, strength and endurance endeavors.

It does take a little while to kick in and it’s not like a caffeine jolt but if you watch and/or document your progress you will see it steadily getting better and better while you are taking this.

To that end instead of the usual sale price I’m doing a buy 3 get one free (total 4) special so you will have enough to see the changes. This spring will be quite different if you stick to it!

The first part of this email appertains to my upcoming coaching program so watch for that in the next couple of days.

If you have the energy to change, I can provide you with the wherewithal, so start now and prime the pump. Then you will ready for the life changing info in my coaching program!

Here’s to an Energetic Holiday Season!

With Appreciation for your support, then, now and in the future!

Dr Dave

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