Hard as Nails versus Tough as Nails – more than a name!

Hammer and NailI had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine the other day about character, specifically strength of character.

The phrase “Hard as nails” came up over and over again in almost every imaginable context: business, physicality, relationships, dealing with people, friends, family members and so on.

My friend then said to me, “Doc, you must be Hard as Nails to do what you did – taking care of sick, dead and dying people day in and day out.”

I said, “Absolutely not!”  I went into a litany of traumatic and tragic events a mile long stretching over two decades of medical practice.  Some were pathetic, some were full of suffering, some were mind-bogglingly unlucky and some were just plain old soul-wrenchingly sad.  I then mentioned some more personal experiences of the same kind. The incredible emotional trauma, the tears, the loss, everything that goes with grieving and more.

My friend was flummoxed and just shook his head. “How?!” he said not even needing to complete the sentence.

I used the usual and true analogy of “Well, there were some huge triumphs and some wonderful feel good moments!”

But in truth he and I knew that alone was not enough so I added, “Besides, I may not be hard as nails but I am tough as nails!”

I chose to rebound no matter what. I look at life as a challenge to be embraced and self mastery is a huge part of that challenge no matter what realm of life we are talking about.

I also honor myself and those I love by sharing my anti-aging knowledge and discoveries.

As a matter of fact, I do that for you too, so in some way I guess I must love you too! LOL!

But seriously now, try to love yourself enough to treat yourself to the best whenever you can because usually more than you are counting on you, if you know what I mean.

Ponder this, the name of my company, Dr Dave’s Best. It’s more than a name; it’s a philosophy.

“Conquering others requires Force”

“Conquering oneself requires Strength” Lao Tzu

I will take Strength every time.

Stay well, and Stay Strong!

And thanks for being one of Dr Dave’s Best!


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