Telomeres Telomerase TA-65 and Lifestyle-What your Parents Got

I have been seeing several high profile clients in Mexico for stem cell therapy. In spite of their wealth they probably like you want to know if TA-65 is really “worth it”. Now some of them will simply do whatever I tell them and in some cases even the price of TA-65 is no object, but you’d be surprised how many people “bargain shop” for telomerase activators.

Along with that comes the lifestyle question. It usually goes like this, “Dr Ornish published a study that showed diet meditation and lifestyle changes lengthened telomeres and increased telomerase in men with low grade prostate cancer. Why can’t I just do that?”

Again the main reason for this is the “cost” of TA-65. I have to tell you I find it ironic that people are willing to spend half as much for something that has little if any proof that it works especially in real live people. That and their are other telomere supplements you can be taking advantage of!

So to answer the question, “Why can’t I just do that?” I think you SHOULD do that. And if that is all you can reasonably do it is far better than nothing.  This is especially true compared to people who will “just do what my parents did”.

I have no doubt that all of the lifestyle things we talked about in the Immortality Edge will slow telomere loss.  I also am sure that simple dietary and lifestyle changes will not change telomere length in the positive nor will they lengthen telomeres. If you want to know the scientific reasons why I am sure this is so it is because of my intimate knowledge of how telomeres and telomerase are measured.  The simple explanation is that real time telomerase measurements are fraught with error in live people as are QPCR telomere measurements both of which are the basis for the dietary claims and all of the “exercise” claims are based on.
Please rest assured that the research I am doing is attempting to really answer those questions along with the effects on stem cells but the answers are still dependent on measurement limitations.

So what measurements do work? Well if you recall the recent Mother of All Anti-Aging offer you saw my telomere measurements done in 3 different modalities ALL of which showed real significant improvement.

In addition I want to tell you another angle of inquiry. I am privy to watching a lot of bone marrow extractions in people who are on TA-65, those who are not and very recently someone who is on “something else like TA-65.

When I saw the bone marrow of the TA-65 user come out smoothly versus the sludge that came out of the other person I saw yet another example of why we should be glad [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”we are on TA-65″]. Even more when we looked at the cellularity difference and the fat content of these various marrows it was clear we want to [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”stay on TA-65″].  Having a bone marrow that is young cellular and fat free is not something you are going to get with any amount of diet or exercise.


I wish it were otherwise because all we would have to do is “behave” and we would see youthing happen in our bodies.

The truth is neither of us can afford wishful thinking. Father Time does not respond to wishful thinking.

Father Time will only change the tune he has been singing since the dawn of man with real hard core action oriented intervention.

Otherwise you can expect pretty much the same things your parents got!



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