The Case for Cases

As a final send off to the Christmas Sale (and by popular demand, not request!) we’re putting cases of our most popular products on sale.

There’s something to be said for just ‘having something on hand’ and saving a bundle of cash while doing it. Not to mention saving on the shipping costs (this is especially for my loyal customers who are living overseas).

Here’s the deal. All of our cases products come in quantities of 12, perfect for getting you through an entire year, or the 12 days of Christmas if you’ve got lots of gift giving to do! These are at the absolute best prices. We’ve adjusted the subscription options on these products (so you can get a renewal every year if you’d like!) and of course if you subscribe you lock in the price savings today.

It’s simple: Buy more, save more. Subscribe, and you lock in those savings. You can only get this deal by following the links in this email, it’s not on the website!

Check out our deep savings on…

Ultra Potent Fish Oil Cases

Young Life Daily Cases

Brain Force One Cases


If you get a years supply of each of them I’ve got something extra for you, but you’ll have to wait for your package to arrive to find out what it is!

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