Today’s Message is Super Simple!!!

There is nothing like a successful product launch!  That is exactly what we have with our new Facial Rejuvenation Serum. Now it may have been a while ago, but we also had a great launch with the Immortality Edge Packs!

Two great launches beget a great Bundle!  So today we are combining the Best of the Best in our direct Anti-Aging line.

Behold the Immortality Edge Bundle!!

Now you can Look Great AND Feel Great while saving a Bundle.

But there is the usual caveat!!!!

You need to act now because we have pretty much cleaned off the shelves during the Holiday when lo and behold a box of the serum that was hidden by Santa’s Elves showed up out of the blue.

So, The good news is we have some more.  The bad news is its only a dozen or so bottles of the serum to partner up in this bundle

So if you had ANY inclination to try either/both of these amazing rejuvenating products, Now is the Time!

You may have noticed we didn’t offer the Serum on continuity when we launched it mainly because the volume of cells we are producing varies with the season, and this is a slow season. Because of the limited amount of this bundle we’re going to offer and our cell operation ramping up, it is available for the first time ever on subscription! Lock in your product and price right now.

In the meantime, it’s still first come first served and we are almost out.  If you don’t want to waiting ‘til Spring when we’ve got the cells in quantity get it now here and lock in your future orders!

This truly is a combo Masterpiece!   Get Some and start this New Year off Looking and Feeling Younger!!!


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