Telomeres- Time to Wake UP!!!

I carry the torch of telomeres for a reason. They always say if it quacks like a duck it probably is!

Telomeres and telomerase activation have been quacking louder and louder pretty much every day!

I am going to make a foolish assumption at least for a moment. I am going to assume that you have read some of the probably dozens upon dozens of blogs I have been writing since 2009 on the topic. I will summarize it all in this one sentence: Life span and health span are not separate. Improve one and statistically speaking you should be improving the other. I have to say statistically because you need to understand that we are not talking about traumatic death which is always out there. We are talking about the more common scenario: people get old, get sick and then die sometime afterward.

Initially I took a lot of abuse for my stances on this topic. Questions like “How do you know this? Where is your proof? Your arguments are weak!”. Aging Is NOT a disease it’s many many diseases. And of course the infamous “turning on telomerase causes cancer” .

I suppose it boils down to how big a skeptic you are, but lately people have actually begun to say things like,”That is fascinating” instead of “That is BS”.

Now don’t get me wrong there are still skeptics out there by the dozens and many many people have invested in the skeptical agenda. The usual reason is people don’t want to be duped or ripped off.

Honestly I do not even think of those things but people still bring it up. That attitude can be summed up as follows, “What if you are wrong Dr Dave!?”.

I get it, I really do! Human history is full of “Fountain of Youth” myths and stories. We have been dying regularly as a species for millions of years as have all species. Cheating death is to put it mildly a new paradigm.

Magicians, alchemists , charlatans and the like have been promising break throughs for almost as long as we have been on this planet.

But to say that much longer lives and better health during those longer lives is not possible is to deny human evolution. We will not be evolving in the way we have observed since the dawn of man.

We are taking charge of that and solving those mysteries right here and right now in your life time.

If I am wrong then I will die trying. I am willing to take that risk because I will most certainly follow the trajectory of human longevity that has already been established by my parents life spans.

Not good enough for me. Not good enough to say, “Ok add 5 years or so on to the average life span of both parents and there you have my expiration date”

Even skeptics are saying that telomeres are real. Just recently two very separate lung diseases were tied together by telomere length. Most people agree that telomere length and function are one of the most importantly predictors of your current and future health and life span.

I have told you before I have been able to add 1400 base pairs or over 10 years of predicted life span to my telomeres using a strict supplementation regiment.

I have given you the best options to take care of your telomeres.

But if you are asleep I cannot wake you up. I cannot change your mind or force you to do anything nor would I try. While I dismiss no one on this earth as valueless only you can determine your own value and your own philosophy.

I do not think I am wrong about aging. I do think you and I can impact and change our future health and longevity in a major way.

One things is for sure. Everything they tell you to do now that i s”accepted” will doom you.

You will be doomed to repeat the life cycle your parents had +5 years ( if you are currently over 50).

Until you decide to do something nothing will change. I hope you are truly awake!!!

Yours in Freedom,

Dr. Dave

*Much has been said about telomerase causing cancer. The very same people who would tell you longer telomeres do not mean much for longevity because there is no proof will willingly believe a similar situation about turning on telomerase and causing cancer. There is absolutely no proof of that and there is proof in the opposite direction. You can look up numerous blogs I have written in the past about this but let me give you something to think about in the meantime. If telomerase activation caused cancer, telomerase inhibition would cure it. No such luck. As a matter of fact Geron is hanging by a thread that will most probably be cut once the lack of efficacy of their drug becomes clear. Next this whole argument presupposes we know what causes cancer. After 1.5 trillion dollars and probably as much to be spent in the next few years on the “somatic mutation theory of cancer†( gene mutations cause cancer) we still have made little progress and we still poison our already sick cancer patients by the millions each year with drugs based on this approach. WE DO NOT KNOW what causes cancer so we cannot lay it at the feet of telomerase activation. The opposite has been shown to be generally true. Longer telomerase are protective against cancer and other diseases of aging.

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