Brain or Drain

If you listen to the current medical dogma your brain is slowly swirling down the drain. It a somewhat canceresque approach, our medical media is preparing patients and doctors alike for the onrushing epidemic of dementia, both Alzheimer and vascular.

According to them we are falling head first into the abyss.

Depressing as hell.  If you don’t get cancer but you live long enough to get cancer, you’ll get Alzheimer’s instead according to statistics.  Worse if you are a woman your chances go up in tremendous fashion as well.*

Now I got an email from a reader who has been with me since the “old days” who asked if I could package an “Anti-Alzheimer’s” supplement(s).

Would that I could or at least would that I could say that. If you remember my old supplement for the brain (and in its original format when I made it, it was a great one) it was both expensive and required a full dose of 6 caps a day to be effective.


The new one, Brain Force 1 is completely different and the daily dose is now down to 2 caps a day.  But the basic starting point is the same idea wise even though the ingredients are different.

I started from the standpoint that if it were possible to do something about the so called inevitable dementia epidemic I should be doing it and doing it NOW!

Understand that in my opinion the diseases of aging like Alzheimer have their muddy origins in our brains long before the clinical signs show up.  By that time, I am sad to say things are most likely irreparable without telomerase and gene therapy strategies like my friend Mike Fossel is working on.

I would like for you and me not to have to deal with that.

Hence the featuring of all the wonderful and proven things that fish oil does.  But you should go do Pub Med for that or I will be writing to you in an orange jump suit as I often say.

Still once you read about Omega 3’s and dementia, you might want to go here .

And while you are at it read about Lion’s Mane and Bacopa and then, you might want to go here.

Such is the society we live in that I cannot say more, but I can ask you to educate yourself!

I can also tell you that the Pharmaceutical Industry, the FTC and the FDA are not about to allow some tiny boutique supplement company or anyone else for that matter piss on the parade that costs them millions to “scientifically validate” their drugs.

I had a chance to evaluate them in the real world.  The drug barons say there is no cure but the drugs may lesson symptoms and/or slow progression.  I never saw it and neither did any of my patients, whether they took one drug that was worthless or a combination of 2.  Yet the studies showed it.

Go figure!  Maybe prevention is not such a bad idea.  Maybe reducing inflammation and preserving or improving brain metabolism and mitochondrial ­­­function really is worth considering.

And so is this.

Remember it is on deeply discounted special pricing for a short time.

Remember it is totally new and redesigned, like nothing I’ve done before.

Remember the typical dose is 2 a day (although you could safely increase to 6 a day if needed).

Remember we have special case pricing as well.

Remember while you still can because as they always used to say- “A mind is a terrible thing to waste!”



*In one of the great ironies of human health people who get Alzheimer’s have a LOWER incidence of cancer. The very real possibility exists that their decreasing appetites and lowered food intakes increase ketotic metabolism and actually help prevent cancer!!!!!!!


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