Do You Feel the Earth Breathing

Ok at the risk of sounding overly metaphysical I can feel the Earth breathing.

I suspect you can to if you pause and focus.  This will be especially true during changes of season- such as now! – and during big fluxes in weather and temperature.

Right now, as I write this to you, we are experiencing a bit of what used to be called “Indian Summer”.

Temps are up, sunshine is bright, there’s a wee bit of humidity in the air and it doesn’t drop precipitously into much colder temperatures at night.

All in all, its glorious to pause and enjoy this at least for a moment.

No matter what your view are on spirituality and or religion, most people would agree that we are indeed connected to something other than ourselves. The Earth is not a bad place to feel that connection.

But why bother. After all I am a highly educated, clinically trained, scientific method kinda guy. What advantage would any such awarenesses be to you or me assuming they are not just figments of our imagination!

Well, there are 2 main things:

  1. Enjoyment!  If you forget just how much natural beauty is around you, you rely on only manmade things for pleasure. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these days that is a double edged sword.
  2. The other thing is creativity. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person your world will run better if you have some direct creative input to it.

I make a supplement called Brain Force 1. It is a “substrate supplement”. That is, it gives the brain some raw materials to work with that help support its performance.

That might include memory, mood, and of course performance.

If those things sound like good advantages to you, you might want to get on it and stay on it at least for the coming season.

After all the earth doesn’t stop breathing and you don’t stop creating!


1 thought on “Do You Feel the Earth Breathing”

  1. Love the way you express yourself. Our earth IS relaxing as this spiritual shift is occurring. Why not help our brains take advantage of the shift? Help ouselves along with Brain Force One.

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