Marginally Metaphysical- What All Your Experiences Have in Common

Nootropics-Brain Supplements- are a dirty word these days. Our dear regulatory friends at the alphabet agencies have launched yet another “anti” campaign at this class of supplements. Have you ever wondered why I avoid the word when discussing Brain Force One?

Apparently, the concept that providing raw materials that modify brain function is a stretch even though here is research to support it.

A bigger stretch is that you can influence how your brain works from the outside as well as the inside.

There is no argument that meditation can change brain function both long term and short term. There is little argument that it can affect whole body function. But because it is not a consumable in the strict sense of the word no one really “goes after” it. People who sell it get a free pass. It is taken for granted that the studies that support it are good and everyone involved is also good.

That’s good! Because it does work.

But it is no longer a stretch to suggest that what you put into your body is very important for brain function.

That is why I make and sell Brain Force One. Because I do believe you can influence brain function with the right substrates and raw materials. When I launched the product, I gave a short list of what some of the ingredients do. You can go one by one if you like on Pub Med and see the science.

Just don’t call it a nootropic lol!

Underlying the ingredient choice is the simple fact that everything we think we see, hear, feel and sense is due to receptor biology in our brain. We have receptors for joy, happiness, sadness, fear, peace, violence, narcosis, sleep, sex and so on. Depending on which ones you tickle and how well they function you could literally predict the perception and even the emotional result.

Not every vision problem is an eye problem, not every loss or increase in sensation is a peripheral nerve problem, not every depression is due to something that happened.

Everything and I mean everything goes through the filter of brain function and receptor biology.

Similarly, everything that “comes out” also goes through the filter of brain function and receptor biology including that which is outside objective reality (metaphysics).

So, here’s the bottom line: No matter what you want more of in your experience, you need to tone and train your brain.

That is what Brain Force One is designed to help you do!!!!!!


PS For meditation research and principles that work check out the work of Dr. Dharma Singh Kalsa and Dr Elissa Epel.

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