Toward a Unified Theory of Health

What does it mean to be healthy?

That would of course depend on who you ask but here is my anti-aging doc answer:  it means to be able to have the physical and mental wherewithal to enjoyably pursue anything you want.

No restrictions.

That seems pretty broad and it should but in all honestly it comes very close to describing my life and I hope yours as well.

Too often we focus on things we don’t want instead of what we do want.

The above summarizes what I want, demand and expect out of life and with rare exceptions, what I get.

So how do we acquire health?

Not all that complicated really.

First start with the most powerful drug available:

Food.  Address you eating habits and take control of them in healthful fashion.

Next: move.  You’d don’t have to run marathons but you need to do something.  Indeed for the 80 year old with a arthritis this might be a pain free walk around the block with more true benefits than a 40 year old running a marathon!

Sleep.  Your body cannot restore itself without sleep and when you awaken the world should look fresh and new every day. If you’re not sure that your sleep is restful enough (or know for a fact it isn’t) give Sweet Sleep Z a try for a month. I think you’ll be very surprised at the results. Sleep is literally the cornerstone of our health, don’t take it lightly!

I have said before that I think the day will come when we can simply think our way to health but until that time comes I will be using Mother Nature’s cheats also known as The Longevity Edge Supplements.

My brand new Daily Dose Pack represents the basics of great anti-aging nutrition. I have designed this Pack to support my unified theory of health. And today only, not only is is available at a deeply discounted price, but it comes with a free audio recording outlining my personal eating habits. It’s everything you need to get started on the path to being able to enjoy anything you want, with no restrictions. In other words, being as healthy as you can be.

It contains my Ultra Potent Fish Oil for its Omega 3 fatty acids, my Young Life Daily for the vitamins and micro nutrients your body needs. And my Toco Q to keep your cell’s powerhouses operating at peak efficiency.

It’s a great place to start and a good foundation for your anti-aging program and your quest for long term health.

It’s your life; live it to the fullest.

I can help.

The Daily Dose Pack.

Dr. Dave

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