What does it mean to be healthy?

That would of course depend on who you ask but here is my anti-aging doc answer:  it means to be able to have the physical and mental wherewithal to enjoyably pursue anything you want.

No restrictions.

That seems pretty broad and it should but in all honestly it comes very close to describing my life and I hope yours as well.

Too often we focus on things we don’t want instead of what we do want.

The above summarizes what I want, demand and expect out of life and with rare exceptions, what I get.

So how do we acquire health?

Not all that complicated really.

First start with the most powerful drug available: food.  Address you eating habits and take control of them in healthful fashion.

Next: move.  You’d don’t have to run marathons but you need to do something.  Indeed for the 80 year old with a arthritis this might be a pain free walk around the block with more true benefits than a 40 year old running a marathon!

Sleep.  Your body cannot restore itself without sleep and when you awaken the world should look fresh and new every day. If you’re not sure that your sleep is restful enough (or know for a fact it isn’t) give Sweet Sleep Z a try for a month. I think you’ll be very surprised at the results. Sleep is literally the cornerstone of our health, don’t take it lightly!

I have said before that I think the day will come when we can simply think our way to health but until that time comes I will be using Mother Nature’s cheats also known as The Longevity Edge Supplements.

My brand new Daily Dose Pack represents the basics of great anti-aging nutrition. I have designed this Pack to support my unified theory of health. And today only, not only is is available at a deeply discounted price, but it comes with a free audio recording outlining my personal eating habits. It’s everything you need to get started on the path to being able to enjoy anything you want, with no restrictions. In other words, being as healthy as you can be.

It contains my Ultra Potent Fish Oil for its Omega 3 fatty acids, my Young Life Daily for the vitamins and micro nutrients your body needs. And my Toco Q to keep your cell’s powerhouses operating at peak efficiency.

It’s a great place to start and a good foundation for your anti-aging program and your quest for long term health.

It’s your life; live it to the fullest.

I can help.

The Daily Dose Pack.

Dr. Dave

Impostors be where, The real Daily Dose Pack is back!!!

Like the former one it contains the Daily Essentials including:

  • Young Life Daily
  • Toco Q
  • And of course the Best and only Ultra Potent Fish oil around!

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And to make it even sweeter this $230 value is available today only for $129!

It doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Happy Holidays!

Dr Dave

I am taking a short break and stepping off my telomere / fish oil soap box to revisit a topic that in the past was a big favorite: diet and obesity.

As I mentioned in my last blog my descent and resurrection from obesity is graphically detailed on the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace page.

My own journey to getting fat is actually pretty typical at least in terms of reasons why.

Those reasons are: significant and sudden decrease in activity, complete abandonment of any dietary restrictions in terms of my food choices, and finally lack of concern over how many calories I took in.  Briefly this was supposed to be an experiment to prove that Ultra Strength Fat Furnace worked and sped up weight loss.  I was going to gain 15 pounds and then hit the brakes and reverse it in a few weeks by reinstating my life style and adding the supplement I had created. I stopped all of my supplements during this time and man was it easy to pack on the pounds. The unplanned part happened when I developed and acute appendicitis and added 6 more weeks of inactivity and another 35 pounds to the weight loss tally.

A few months and 50 pounds less later I learned a couple of very important things I want to share with you about why we get fat and the world’s best diet to lose that fat.

The specific reasons I gave you above are the reason most people get fat. Once again they are:

  • Too many calories in.
  • Too few calories out.
  • Not enough physical activity.
  • The wrong choices of food.

The first 3 are undeniable and pretty much everybody knows this.  But the last one is really a sticking point.

Our diets are loaded with inflammatory food choices. By that I mean foods that tilt the balance of our immune system towards inflammation and cause havoc over time with our health.  But they also set up a kind of chain reaction where inflammation begets more inflammation and now you have a cycle that reinforces itself.  That is much harder to do once that cycle is established than it is to nip it in the bud.

At the same time our diets are loaded with carbs and sugar. Notice I am not distinguishing between simple and complex carbs anymore.  I am saying ALL carbs. Now I can hear the dieticians in the audience grumbling about my obvious “mistake” and oversight but I am very deliberate.

I think the best diet for rapid weight loss and overall health is a diet (e.g. reduced calories!) that leads to ketosis in your body.  You can call it a ketogenic diet if you like.  I think the biggest benefits are seen by the combination of ketosis and dietary energy reduction (DER). Some people would call that “calorie restriction” but I do not want to invoke all the baggage that comes with that term.  My recent sojourn to Wiaken Ranch in Joseph Oregon with OMD Dr Laurel Sander has reinforced that.  Seven days of juice (again some people would call that a “juice fast” and a daily calorie intake of about 50% my usual was easy to maintain and resulted in rapid weight loss of about 7 pounds. And it has stayed off because my appetite has stayed under control.

So if you like Carbs are the enemy. Simple carbs much more so than complex and fruits much more so than vegetables and sugared fruits and juices (ever wonder how they get cranberries to taste sweet?!).  In a month or so I will tackle a seven day water fast and let you know how that goes.

Anything that rapidly cranks up your insulin levels is a bad thing for your weight and your health. Be particularly wary of the “whole grain” agenda. There are a ton of reasons why I am not a grain fan but for our purposes today it’s because they tend to be loaded with calories even in small portions.

The things I really want to stress here are the following: Sugar is indeed addictive and sugary food choices including sweet fruits can sabotage your appetite control. You will get hungry by eating carbs in excess of 20 or so grams a day and this will make dieting miserable, exhausting and most likely, a failure.

I have always found that by day 3 or so of a really low carb ketogenic diet I have a lot of energy even with DER.

So is this the best diet in the world?  Just like my last blog the answer is “It depends”.

I think it is the best one to induce fairly rapid weight loss and long term recognition of your eating “habits”. Eating by routine instead of hunger fuels most of our “waist lines”. It will also teach you how sneaky and pervasive sugar and carbs that easily go to sugar are at getting you to lose control of food choices, portion control and your will power. Carbs and insulin are the enemy and sugars are far more addictive for some of us than we realize.

Finally it will teach you a huge lesson: most of us eat too much! Plain and simple.*

With those lessons you will gain insight into your body and how it works that will help you in ways you never dreamed of and give you a new sense of control over your life.

But as a long term diet I think its too easy to get into vitamin deficiencies if you are not careful. If you decide to do this make sure you take your supplements .

If it all seems too much for you than just go here and make it much easier .

Either way its time to take control of your weight and your life. Let’s make 2014 that year!


*I am referring to middle aged adults here because that is the “most of us” that is interested in staying younger. On a side note 10 years ago I carried 235 lbs of mostly muscle around. Nowadays its more like 195 with a similar body composition. I think being leaner as you age is just much healthier. And it will keep you from being “one of the many”. When I walk around in the company of guys my age with the huge guts, crappy posture and fat faces I feel like one of us is not human!

So far our book “The Immortality Edge” has met with generally positive reviews.  There are of course the expected naysayers.  This is to be expected when you change reality, or attempt to. And there are the usual insane people.  That is the nature of the internet, which gives equal voice to all versions of reality and otherwise.

The paradigm shift in The Immortality Edge is a huge one: you do not have to get old, you do not have to get sick and you do not have to die of old age.  As we say in the book: the first person to live to 150 and beyond is walking among us right now.  Who knows; it might even be you or I.

But no matter what, you have to DO SOMETHING and something different than you have been, in most cases, to even be around to benefit from the results. 

I would not be so foolish to say that death is not inevitable, since there are 1,000 ways to die, as the TV show says.  We just want it to be 999 and remove old age and infirmity from the equation.

This brings up all kinds of ethical and moral and intellectual arguments.

Are we playing with forces we are not meant to?  What will happen when the world is full of old people? Who is going to make all the money from this new way of living, etc, etc, etc.

I do not know the answers to any of the questions, because I truly am not clairvoyant, unlike some of my critics.  But I do know the following: we will “cure aging” in our lifetimes.  It will happen somewhere, no matter who, or what says NO to it.  It may happen in India or China, if it does not happen here, but in truth we are already taking leaps and bounds in the direction and telomerase activation and the many other steps described in “The Immortality Edge” are part of the first real bridge to Immortality and certainly (and probably more important to you and I) far better health as we age.

As far as the arguments, generally speaking, if I ask a person, “Do you want to die?” they say no.

“But that is not the point!” is the usual response.

Yes, it is absolutely the point. Don’t make intellectual statements that do not apply to you personally!

Historically, the wave of events revolving around any huge discovery is the same.

The real reason not everyone is jumping on this bandwagon is, primarily people will generally wait for others to take the first steps, before they jump on board.  That is it, plain and simple.  Most people do not believe that it works and will not believe it, no matter how much science you throw at them.  But when a million or two million people are on telomerase activators or at least telomerase supportive agents like The Daily Dose Pack, the train will be chugging out of the station and people will then be scrambling to avoid being left behind.  Sadly, this has nothing to do with science, except for that fact that there is real science to support what I am saying and more is coming, literally every single day.

The most recent study reversing aging in mice is just one of many examples of what we will see in the coming year.

Scientists will continue to say more research is needed, because that is what they always say.  Early adopters are already on the protocols and reaping the rewards. Naysayers are saying nay as always, because it threatens their belief systems. When there finally is enough proof that even naysayers say yes, it will be as if longevity and health span where never an issue, “of course I do that and take those things!”

Basically, it’s a paraphrase of Schopenhauer: ‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’

I know everything I say is true from past experiences.  Ten years ago I was being asked by my director of medicine if I needed psychiatric help because I was selling fish oil on the internet and telling everyone who would listen about its benefits.

Sadly, that individual would have benefitted hugely from fish oil, if he had started it then.

Now everyone who said “nay” is on fish oil, and conveniently forgetting the crap they put me through!  Even Big Pharma makes fish oil and more companies will be releasing more “drug” fish oils.

Is this because of science?  Nope.  There are still plenty of people who don’t believe in fish oil in the scientific community.  The “paralysis of analysis” runs their lives and their belief systems are invested (as are their livelihoods) in being “sure”.

The drug companies are making fish oil now because enough millions of people are taking it and raving about it that it is now “safe” and lucrative to present to their stockholders as a viable thing to sell. And they don’t want to be left behind by the “alternative medicine crowd”.  Funny how alternative medicine is suddenly becoming mainstream, isn’t it!?

Drug companies certainly did not prove anything new, with any of the clinical studies they did, to allow them to make disease based claims.

You and I knew what they know now, a full 10 years ago and have been benefitting for at least that long.

I was called a quack, a charlatan, a snake oil salesman and frankly, I still am, on a less regular basis.  Telomerase Activation affords people new opportunities to insult me and use those phrases, pass those judgments and defend their belief systems.

No matter where you fall on the chain of events though, you will still want to read The Immortality Edge and just judge for yourself!

The good news is that most of you who are on at least some of my supplements, are probably already benefitting from their effects on telomeres and that is science, not charlatanism.

I am still giving copies away to people who spend more than $300 on any order and I am still refunding 100% of the book purchase price (less taxes and shipping) towards your next order if you buy the book following the instructions below.

My advice: don’t be left out and don’t wait to educate yourself because things are a lot further along than you may realize! Reality has actually already changed.  I should have more big news for you in a week or so, so keep your eyes on those emails.


P.S.  We blew through the first 50 signed copies of The Immortality Edge  in the sale last week, which was offered as a free bonus to anyone who bought more than $300 in supplements (not including taxes and shipping).  So I ordered more from our publisher to cover the folks who came a bit late for the immediate shipment.  You will be getting your copies as soon as we do!

But I want to continue the program for anyone who buys more than $300 in supplements.  You too will get a free book signed by me.  The book is incredible and is getting rave reviews by everyone who is sane!

I also want to tell you I am keeping up the offer to reimburse you for any books you buy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble against your next purchase of Dr Dave’s Best supplements, up to and until March 15th 2011.  Here is the deal:

It’s called “The Immortality Edge” and it’s available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.  Yes, it’s a real book with a real publisher in real book stores, researched by real doctors; not an e-book, self-published by an in-house marketing team.

You know I have been writing about telomeres and telomerase for a long time now.  Well, the book is the whole enchilada and contains everything you MUST know to live longer and far healthier than you thought possible.  Unlike everything else before it, this book is not speculation or fantasy.  It’s for real!  It uses science to back up what we say but it’s such an easy and fun read that you won’t even realize you are learning things that will probably save your life and the lives of the ones you love.

I am literally going to “buy back” the book from you by reimbursing you for the cost!

Here is how to get your book free: Please follow these instructions or we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of the book. Purchasing the book this way will allow you to claim the purchase price, which is between $17 and $25 off your next order or even more if you purchase several copies!

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3) If it is easier, you may fax your receipt and order in to 610-916-3931, our dedicated fax line. Or send your order in via mail to Dr Dave’s Best, 1050D Maidencreek Road, Fleetwood, PA 19522 prior to March 15, 2011.

Note: your discount will not be reflected at the immediate time of your order but will be reflected as a credit card or other refund, usually within 72 hours of the order.

Please DO NOT simply go out and buy the book and send in the receipt and then order later.  The volume of orders will make it impossible for us to keep track of this and we will not be able to honor your discount!  Again, please follow the instructions above.

Also, I’ll give you every cent you paid (less taxes and shipping) for every copy towards your next purchase but the value of your purchase must equal or exceed the value of your books.

Again, the offer is good until March 15, 2011!

Every day your body is under attack from just about every angle. There is a way to help it along and make the job of great health much easier.

I am going to keep this one short and sweet and tell you about the amazing power of antioxidants.

Before I dive into the list, let me point out what I think happens when people are exposed to free radical damage and do not have antioxidant protection that is up to snuff: they die an early death.

You have only to look at the list of elite endurance athletes, including an Olympic marathon hopeful who died recently during the trials to see what happens to people who pound their bodies with too much of anything (yes, this includes exercise) and don’t take out a “supplemental insurance” policy, in the form of free radical fighting supplements. Or you can look at the data on long term marathon runners that shows 62% more heart artery blockage than average.

Genetics you say! Well there have been quite a few studies that show that even genetics can be altered by supplements like fish oil Co Q10 and berry derived anthocyanidins.

Immune Booster

Cardio Booster

Here are some benefits that have or will be proven scientifically very soon.

1) Improved longevity: fish oil because of its effects on telomeres.

2) Improved health: fish oil for heart, vascular and joint problems, Co Q10 and Hawthorne berry for heart failure and other free radical induced damage.

Fish oil – super omega 3 – Regenerizer

3) Anti-Flu and anti-viral effects, as well as potent anti-inflammatory and joint pain effects.

4) Faster recovery from workouts or other physical trauma

5) Improved brain performance and reduced Alzheimer’s

6) Improved sexual performance and stamina

And this of course is a short list. You can pretty much go through all our products and find potent antioxidants in all of them.

If you are wondering where to start for this kind of benefit, it’s simple. Order the Daily Dose Pack now and get fish oil, Monster Multi and Cardio Booster all at one reduced price.

It’s a great place to start and if you go no further in your supplementation, a great place to end.

Of course, I take just about everything I make on a daily basis, in large doses.

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,

pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,

just contact Dr. Dave at:

GENERAL INQUIRY E-MAIL: [email protected]




FAX: (610) 916-3931

If you make it past 55 you are most likely to die of a heart attack. If you make it past 80 it’s cancer, infection and of course the contribution of Alzheimer’s as well.

If you look at my supplement line, which I consider the only “real” anti-aging supplement line out there, especially since I am one of the few people who can get TA-65 for you.

I already fessed up that it didn’t start out that way since my training was not completed (is it ever?!) until after Dr Dave’s Best was formed but in the long run the use of things like green tea and turmeric along with hard core Omega 3 fish oil, Cordyceps and Rhodiola as well as berry extracts LONG before they were even considered seriously by science would tell you something.

Either I am very lucky, very good or a bit of both LOL!

My Daily Dose Pack is not just a bargain, it’s a revelation!  It contains fish oil, a real “anti-aging purpose designed” multi vite and of course a super potent antioxidant, Cardio Booster, to make it all sing in harmony so to speak.

Recently someone asked me if there was going to be a Daily Dose Pack Plus? What would it be?

Wow, from the mouths of babes… what a great idea.  While I work on

that let me tell you it would have 2 more things — Instant Brain Power and Super Omega 3 as an upgrade for the fish oil.

This would unfortunately add to the cost big time since both are

expensive to make (remember I make my own stuff; you can’t buy

these in the store!). Yet for those of you who want a bigger more

potent dose pack, the addition of a packet of Super Omega 3 and the

daily dose of Instant Brain Power fits the bill nicely.


The winter months are a great time to add this in and see the

difference since the stress levels on your body are generally

higher from the Holidays even if you live in warm climates.


The Daily Dose Pack is far reaching and healthy too for you.

Instant Brain and Super O extend its reach!

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,
pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,
just contact Dr. Dave at:

GENERAL INQUIRY E-MAIL: [email protected]




FAX: (610) 916-3931



The holidays are coming hard and fast. Are you ready? The big things I see are complete abandon in eating and complete over stressing in planning.  Your holidays are meant to spend with people who love you and vice versa.  If they are that critical, let them have the party at their house!

That said, let me remind you that the coming time of joy need not be stressful or destructive to your waistline. So here are some reminders.

Moos:  Protein in the form of meat is not popular these days and often vilified even if the studies on red meat are not strong as far as health hazards.  Free range beef, chicken and turkey are healthy for you so try to serve it at your own party if possible.  You’ll get some Omega 3’s without the mercury, lead and poisons that come in fish!  And of course remember your fish oil no matter what.

I wrote an article called the “pizza hypothesis” years back which suggested that consuming anti-inflammatory fats like fish oil caps during a binge of bad fats could indeed offset the damage.  Scientifically it’s valid. Though no one has actually done that study, they’ve done it de facto by studying the effects of fish oil in obese  diabetes patients with heart disease!  It works but it upset people because I was supposed to say “eat healthier”.

Ok, eat healthier; now let’s see how you do.  Fish oil is your ace in the hole when you take it along with Monster Multi and Cardio Booster, better known as the Daily Dose Pack.

If you don’t want to eat more meat during the holidays but want to use the awesome muscle building, fat burning, appetite suppressing power of protein, go here.  At 120 calories a serving this naturally (no sugar) sweetened product is perfect for in betweens and desserts.

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,
pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,
just contact Dr. Dave at:

GENERAL INQUIRY E-MAIL: [email protected]




FAX: (610) 916-39

Next, Booze: Here is a little reminder about liquid calories:

Calories Found in Alcoholic Beverages

Beverage Serving size Calories
Beer 12 ounces 160
Light Beer 12 ounces 100
Non-alcoholic Beer 12 ounces 32
Red Wine 4 ounces 85
White Wine 4 ounces 80
Wine Cooler 8 ounces 120
Daiquiri 4 ounces 225
Margarita 4 ounces 270
Gin and tonic 4 ounces 150
Pina colada 4 ounces 262