The Story Of The Vitamin They Don’t Want You To Know About!

One of the more common complaints

I get from my readers is, “How can I find the time/motivation/energy/money to do it all. The usual attached phrase is that it’s easy for me to tell you what and how to do because this is what I do all day every day.

That is in point of fact true.

It boggles my mind to see the limitations people put on their lives in terms of dedication and value. The attendant feelings of powerlessness and then “blame” as in I don’t have your resources, your knowledge, your health, your money, your access, etc etc.

There are many reasons why you may chose to “do less”.

Still some is better than none and that is what I want to remind you of today.

Most doctors would say that no doctor worth his or her salt would ever just tell you to take a pill.  Most will dutifully hand you diet sheets and make appointments with dieticians and the like.  Most know in their heart of hearts the information while generally condoned and socially accepted is not likely to help you achieve your goals.

And THEN they will hand you a pill.

So here is one thing that I am sure will help you if you do it.

Take your fish oil and take enough of it to matter meaning 4 to 6 caps a day.

In spite of all the bias against the just take a pill approach everything I have read studied and seen in my career has led me to believe that taking a few pills of fish oil will help you whether you do all the other things you should or not.

Mainly this is because fish oil is so deficient in your diet that you have a vitamin deficiency in the truest sense of the word.  Problem is 70 years ago the government agency decided Omega 3 was not among the vitamins we should pay attention to.

Well I move that we should call it Vitamin F and there should be a serious minimum daily requirement based on the epidemiologic evidence that it reduces disease incidence!

I have been saying that for 14 years now and it is easy for me to keep saying it.

t is also easy for you to do it while you decide on all the other things I recommend that you may or may not chose for yourself based on how much you value you.

If I didn’t value you I wouldn’t bring this up! That’s also why, for today only, my Ultra Potent Fish Oil is at the lowest price of the year. I strongly encourage you to subscribe, not just to lock in the savings, but to motivate yourself to lock in a commitment to fix your Omega 3 deficiency once and for all.



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