A Belly Full

Have you ever just had a belly full of something. Like for instance the backfired panicdemic that has destroyed the credibility of so many icons of “truth” that we had in the past put our faith in. I got 2 months of hate mail, a lot of it from other doctors. Then about 2 weeks ago all over YouTube and social media everyone started saying what I had been saying.

Now I look prophetic lol.

But here is the thing. All of this actually reminds us of how empowered we really are to take care of ourselves and the ones we love. Same with our personal education and faith and trust in our abilities. By way of reference back in 2003 when I started doing business on the internet, fish oil was looked upon as quackery. Despite the occasional attempts to continue this misinformation, now that big pharma has their own fish oils everything is just fine!

But I don’t and you shouldn’t dwell too long on this nonsense any more. Let’s move forward to another kind of belly full… the microbiome.

Ironically next to viruses, bacteria are the most numerous biological presence in the world. Notice the verbiage – I have had a belly full of arguing whether viruses are living or not!

So, Bac to bacteria.

You have a belly full of them. As a matter of fact, they exceed “your” cells by a factor of 10! So ya might wanna pay some attention to them.

In brief, because I’ve covered all this and more before, the gut bacteria determine the amount of calories you actually take in above and beyond the food values. They make “mitochondrial baby food” in the form of short chain fatty acids from what you eat. They buffer against toxins in your food and similarly are affected by those toxins. They are a huge determinant of your immunity.

So, time for a new paragraph! Immunity: again in brief –

The strength and balance of your immune system determines how you respond to viruses like -shoot I’m not even going to say the stupid virus name any more- I’ve had a belly full of hearing lies about it! But even though respiratory viruses are not “ingested” through the gut, the numbers and functions of your Immune T cells- helper and suppressor which determine the balance of your immune function are directly and indirectly affected by your gut bacteria.

That’s right! What’s in your gut may determine what does and does not penetrate your body- at least virally!

Now add a few things into the “influencer” list.

What you eat, what meds or supplements you take, when you eat, how you sleep, what your stress levels are-both physical and mental and you have a handful of the things that determine how healthy and functional your gut microbiome is.

You can look up various foods and spend all day in the kitchen to take care of your gut. I do exactly this from time to time. I’m a big fan of fermented foods by the way.

But in the reality of the busy world I don’t know anyone who can fully balance everything.

This is why I make and take Pro Life Ultra PB, the complete pro biotic formula for total gut health!

Buffered, protected and formulated to give you a Belly Full of the healthiest microbiome you can have and NEED, especially these days.

Consider it a daily vitamin!

Here’s to a Belly Full of the Best things in Life!

Dr Dave

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