Do This Whenever You Travel

I’m not sure if you’ve even keeping up with my extensive travel schedule

But you might see the gorgeous scenery shot I sent you. That is one of the many rivers in this area of Costa Rica known as Rio Chirripo or on a larger scale simply “Rivas” for the seemingly endless rivers of pure clean water that flow off the mountain.

But even in this kind of environment there are challenges for your gut bacteria so it got me to thinking I hound share another of my ‘travel secrets” with you.
This one centers around taking care of your microbiome.

No matter what your travel environment things are always different “elsewhere” and your gut could stand a little help. That pure clean water you see has a different mix of bacteria that may not exactly match and support your own microbiome. Now understand I am not talking about pathogens although no one has ever proven you can’t beat back infections with a healthy well populated gut!!!

So that’s the water now what about the food?!

Chances are when you travel your diet changes and not always for the better.

I have been “forced” by circumstances to eat more of a Vegetarian diet and I can already see a little roll of fat accumulating around my belly!!! But I mean isn’t fruit and vegetables healthy?!

I have no beef with vegetables whatsoever (get it?!) but this morning’s “healthy‘ breakfast started with a large offering of ultra ripe super sweet papaya, watermelon and kiwi fruit which I declined other than a small mouthful to confirm my suspicions-pure sugar.

The next healthy items were pineapple bread, banana jam, blackberry jam, margarine (nope not butter!) and non gluten free bread.

Next was granola with plenty of raisins and added sugar no doubt.

The sad part is this is considered healthy in lots of places around the world even though it’s PURE SUGAR and Carbs!!!!

When the omelette came I tasted it to make sure there was not sugar or syrup added and ordered a double.

Still since the main fare is vegetarian the lack of dairy and meat has changed my microbiome and certain other habits which I’ll leave to your imagination-in a way that I would not call “good”.

Once I added Pro Life PB.

Now if you are like me you try to take only essentials along on trips.

Pro Life PB is one you should take on every trip.

Consistency isn’t optional when it comes to healthy routines- its essential!!!!


From the Jungles and mountains of Costa Rica-


Dr Dave

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