Lubrication and Stamina

As I enter my first 200 hour Yoga teacher training..

There are 2 things I know I am going to need for sure- lubrication and stamina!

Obviously this is a big load on joints and connective tissue, that’s the lubrication part. I know of know no better, safer way to lubricate the body than Omega 3 fish oil.

Fat, especially essential fat is such a critical element in all areas of the body but joint health has to be up there in the top 3 for sure. The other thing a lot of people miss is the role of Fish Ol in controlling inflammation. I can guarantee you the fine balance between too much and too little inflammation in YOUR body is one of the big keys to aging successfully and preventing long term damage from activity.

Now what about stamina?

I have detailed the effects of my buffered ATP compound EnergyX Maxx in many emails to you but here is a brief recap:

It took approximately 4 weeks of regular usage to see the benefits but at that point some rather dramatic improvements in speed, stamina and strength started coming in.

I eventually knocked over a minute off my mile times and 6 minutes off of my 10 K (over about 5 months with consistent training). Most of my lifts increased by 15-20% over baseline in that same time frame (baseless being defined as where I was with training at the time, of course I wasn’t starting from scratch!). Coupled with eating Keto this led to some amazing aesthetic changes!

I’ll touch base with you over the coming weeks as I continue to fine tune my supplement use in the crucible of what is a totally new discipline for me.

But I can tell you this!!! There is no way I could survive without the amazing stuff I make!

How about you?! Even if you are not doing something out of the ordinary you can still BE out of the ordinary in your daily endeavors.

Talk Soon!


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