When Everyday is Day1!!!

It’s been a while but if you recall  I have been immersed in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. The past 2 weeks have been super intense and super demanding.

But I am happy to say that this 6 decade old body survived a totally different experience than it is used to and thrived in the process.

While I love the certification its not about the paper!!! It’s about the experience and the growth. Being injury free and strong enough to get through the process is very reassuring since all of the people here are much younger and have far more Yoga experience than me.

But they did not have the secret weapons I do (although ironically I made several sales of fish oil).

I can assure you that the high dose (10 a day) fish oil, the Energy X Maxx and the Young Life Daily were the keys to surviving a Keto Vegan diet with limited calories and hours and hours a day of Yoga.

Call it a field test or more likely an acid test.

I wouldn’t have it an other way.

I make and take products that work!!!

But you knew that already!

I’m off to another adventure next week but things should settle down a bit after that. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime if you are facing any challenges or simply want to be the best you can be, invest in yourself!!!!

Dr Dave

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