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I really need to write to you about something nice, happy and fun. I promise I will but in the meantime there is a war going on. It’s not a new war but it’s been ratcheted up and the balance of power is temporarily shifting.

The main problem is that people have very short memories these days. There is a sound byte mentality where the “newest news” dominates for a few days until something else takes its place.

The war on supplements has been going on since 2000 when I started. It has just gotten more fierce primarily because more and more companies are making more and more supplements and there is more and more money being drained from Big Pharma’s pockets.

Or is there.

This war is not actually as clear cut as it seems. Big Pharma already makes at least 40 billion a year from selling supplements. They do it by volume and dominating the retail space. There is a reason Longevity Edge supplements will never be in GNC!

What is really desired is total ownership and dominance of the “alternate” income stream.

That would also make our friends at the alphabet agencies in government happy. Not that there are any lobbyists and money involved but…

I have seen it all before over and over again:

The Codex Alimentarius

Vitamins just give you expensive urine

We should all be taking statins- isn’t this getting closer and closer along with blood pressure and diabetic medicine. We should of course not look to our diets and the recommendations that are made as potential culprits for the epidemic of unhealthiness.

Genetics will save us from cancer- after 2 trillion dollars and the sequencing of the human genome we still are beating that drum of failed therapies.

Fish is better than fish oil because there is “some magical ingredient maybe vitamins or proteins” that makes it better than just taking essential fatty acids. That is not what population based data suggests and it makes absolutely no scientific biologic sense but it is what is being pushed yet again. God forbid we should do a study with a meaningful dose of fish oil and actually check and Omega6/3 ratio to see if we are there!

Don’t believe this? Check out the links here.

Now here is the thing. You are liable to get the same answer you get when you look into why cell phone service is so crappy in so many places: its not that we’re not spending on towers (the truth) it’s the government regulations ( the BS!)

Big Pharma has spend 60X its R and D budget on advertising for years now and its not because of regulations. It’s because the money that is made is greater than the GNP of many countries!
Where does this leave someone who is trying to care of themselves.

Well I can legally tell you where I start and that is all I can tell you.

I start with the basics

  1. Young Life Daily
  2. Ultra Potent Fish Oil

Now for the good, fun and happy news. Doing this has helped thousands of customers and me and my family stay younger and healthier than most of the other people we know including people 20 years younger.
I am not allowed to imply suggest or otherwise insinuate that anything I tell you actually works. But you may very likely be one of those healthy people who have been loyal for so long.

Observe how you feel, think and do, and then decide who is telling you the truth!



PS: If just eating healthy ala the recommendations were so friggin’ good for you why are we fat, sick and zombie like as a society. Break the chains!!!!!!!!

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