The Keys to Minimizing Stress Related Aging

Gee I was so happy to find out that the London Daily Mail published an article explaining the key to avoiding premature aging and stress related aging.  I was even more ecstatic to find out it involved my favorite topic – telomeres.

You know, those small end caps on your chromosomes that determine how long and healthy your cells will live!

The rest of the study findings were well, shall we say amusing and typical although relatively benign in the misinformation department.

This particular study was done at the University of California. While they did bother to do blood tests they confounded the accuracy of the study with the dreaded “patient questionnaire”.  Sometimes that is all you have to go on so I won’t be too hard on them for this.

Of the 250 women who participated those who ate “well” whatever the hell that means, slept well and exercised had less telomere shortening than those who did none of the above. This was true even if they had significant stresses like divorce, grief or other high index stressors.

The final conclusion was: “We need to stress the importance of healthy lifestyles and promote healthy living.”

Ok now comes what you’ve been waiting for.  You didn’t think I would waste your time on something this banal without a retort did you!?

I wrote a book about this 8 years ago called [eafl id=”2395″ name=”The Immortality Edge” text=”The Immortality Edge”]. While this kind of information was not exactly new then it’s beyond boring now. WE ALL ALREADY KNOW THIS!!!  Why waste a million bucks proving it for the 20 millionth time?

What this study really outlines that is important is in what it points out very clearly.  Eat well Sleep Well Exercise, and you will still lose telomere length.

I have spent the past 5 years of my life trying to get people to understand the following: Slowing the loss of telomeres is not aging backwards.  It’s simply aging more slowly.  Now don’t get me wrong that is good and its necessary and we should all be doing it.  But it will not get you something that is visibly different than what your parents are getting right now.  If, as the women who wrote me a while back said, “85 is what my parents got and that is fine with me!”  Then by all means stop there and do nothing more to impact your future.

If however you aspire to 100 or more and healthy and happy then you cannot sit on your arse and do the same things doctors and everyone else have been telling you to do for centuries, especially when the definition of what is really healthy  keeps changing.

And you can’t live the way your parents lived either and expect something different!

No, if you want to avail yourself of the last 40 years of unlived life your parents didn’t get and you want it served on a healthy platter you need to act.

Here are 2 things I recommend right now: [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”TA-65″] and Ultra 85 Fish Oil Following the 80/20 rule, 80% of your supplement benefits can be had from these 2 things alone.

It’s nice to know eating right, sleeping right and exercise are slowing down the aging process and you and I deal with stress induced aging better.  All of us in the anti-aging field dream of the day when we can harness the unseen forces of our mind and body and heal ourselves while we reverse the aging process.

We just ain’t there yet! You can fight that, you can deny it, you can get mad about it, you can hate me for it but I will simply invoke one of my favorite personal quotes:

“I didn’t make this world. But just like you I live in it!”




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