Ketone Bodies, Calorie Restriction and Longevity

First, this is a cautionary tale.

That means you cannot and or should not interpret anything I am saying as a cure for aging, a way to increase longevity or anything else that might irritate the alphabet agencies that police your freedom to make your own choices.

After all, what do you know?

And what do I know?!

So, as I reveal yet another potential secret to longevity here

Remember the following: Nothing I say is medical advice, anyone in power approves nothing I say, and most of my fellow scientists and inventors would scoff at the following, at least in public.

There are a few other things you should know:

The study I am referring to is in yeast, not humans. Now on the flip side, when science and our powers that be want you to buy into something with your beliefs and money, they say things like, “The genetic code for metabolism is conserved all the way from yeast to humans, and they share most canonical and non-canonical pathways.”

They have daf genes, which are the equivalent of the so-called life-extension genes known as Foxo in humans. They can have induction of antioxidants, which, if it suits people to say so, are one of the major keys to living longer and healthier along with stem cells and telomeres.

When it doesn’t suit, they say things like, “Yeah, but that is just yeast!” And Aging is NOT a disease. That is until you claim that you might be able to make a dent in it or stop it at least for a while.

You can look at some of the stuff that I am doing on my Facebook page and decide for yourself whether my 6th decade represents retirement or aging in reverse! Or you can look at my telomere length and see that it is longer than it “should be” for my age.

Ok, now that I have spent half of our mutually valuable time in “disclosure BS,” here is the punch line.

I wrote to you a while back about how fasting improves insulin handling, insulin levels, and antioxidant gene expression.

This is the context for fasting and intermittent fasting, as well as ketosis. All are associated with better sugar handling and improved antioxidant defense. The next simple association is that they are all improving health span and life span.

Finally, the paper referenced at the end here shows how exogenous ketones may cause all of the above as well, making the consumption of dietary ketones a potential longevity tool.

That is why I make this Ketogen. It is not just because you will lose weight, look amazing, and feel young- that has nothing to do with it lol.

It’s your journey! Exercise your free will and choice while you still can before your options are limited by failure to act!

Nothing frosts me more than people who know but won’t do!

Don’t be one of them!!!!

Dr. Dave

Reference: Ketone Bodies Mimic the Life Span Extending Properties of Calorie Restriction
Veech et al  Wiley online 2017

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