Lies and Deception

Have you ever found out that something you believed in very strongly turned out to be completely false?!

Approximately 20 years ago, I had my first run-in with a mega lie- one that was irrefutable but was backed by so much effort and energy by people who were so skilled at manipulation they deserved a Ph.D. in it!

Maybe they even have those! I have met many candidates over the years.

That situation centered around a drug called Vioxx, which was subsequently removed from the market for causing deaths, heart attacks, and kidney failure. Since I had occasionally taken that drug, I was horrified. It clearly played a role in what was thankfully to be a temporary bout of high blood pressure. Soon after, another drug in the same class called Bextra followed. The weakest most worthless of that class, Celebrex is still on the market.

You would think I would have learned my lesson.

But the companies that made those drugs launched a very effective damage control campaign and wound up paying a fraction of what they made and a fraction of the damage and chaos they caused in the people who trusted in them. The truth eventually came out as it always does, but it was a long time later.

As you may know, lies always cause chaos far beyond those directly involved. In the case of Big Pharma, there is a contingency plan and contingency fund for just such issues.

Over the next few years, drugs like Suprax, the glitazone class, Phen-Phen, many of the Floxin antibiotics, a statin, Adderall, which was often prescribed for children, Hismanal a popular anti-histamine and thousands of others. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I am certain I both used some of those drugs and prescribed them.

In the course of the lies and deception

There is a cadre of scientists and doctors who either willingly did not disclose information (lies of omission) or flat out lied about the data. Obfuscation is also common by using weasel words that allow for plausible deniability if caught in a lie.

In all cases, however, the deception was ultimately uncovered. The problem is that the consequences were not strong enough to prevent it from continuing because the penalties were never commensurate with the damage caused. This is often a truism as the complicit find it acceptable to lie and deceive.

Next to politicians and Big Food, few industries have spent more money to deceive, cover lies, and influence people in misleading fashion than Big Pharma.

But there is sometimes a silver lining.

In the case of Vioxx, the lead doctor admitted he knew of the issues but was “not paid” to disclose those findings. That, with the whole bevy of other dangerous drug removals, led to the almost ludicrous restrictions on new drug development and a total revamping of research design… to a point.

Here is a DD quote for you, “The Past Often Penalizes the Future!” The damage from Pharma’s lies was already done when the new regulations came out. The chaos and pain, the loss, the death of people, and their health, both mental and physical, had been done and cannot be undone. Ask anyone who has paid the price for those lies. The measures put in place have hindered the development of new drugs considerably, both in the drugs themselves and where the development is. If Pharma stands to lose hundreds of millions and only make a few billion (yes pity them!), they will only work on things that can create enough revenue that if disaster strikes, they are financially safe. A great business model if it did not involve the lives and health of people.

You might think that the reputation of Big Pharma has suffered irreversibly

From being caught at multiple lies and deceptions. Again, it has… to a point. Clever advertising that includes discrediting campaigns have repaired it to a point.

But as with many falsehoods, there was never an admission or an “I’m sorry”. In their minds, the payout of money is enough.

I have found that an admission and a True “I’m sorry!” goes a long, long way!!!!

But back to Vioxx!

In addition to spearheading some positive, if not entirely logical changes to the marketing of drugs, it also led me to the wonderful discovery of fish oil and its many healthy properties. Of course, in the long run, there is plenty of deception on the side of supplement manufacturers, especially with labeling things in a “per dose” fashion. You will see things like 3 grams on the front of the bottle and the dose of 5 capsules in small print on the back. You will also see things like 1250 mg of fish oil per capsule on the label only to find 600mg of combined EPA/DHA in the fine print.

You will also see Big Pharma journals launching an anti-fish oil campaign every now and then just like they launch anti keto campaigns whenever science backs up the use of either. Keto results have spoken for themselves!

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a pass when you’ve been had.

While lying for gain is the most common cause, and certainly, at play in Big Pharma, people can be genuinely deceived and deluded.

You should have compassion for your fellow humans when they lie because unless they are pathologic, lying behavior is rooted in self-loathing, pain, and fear. There is usually the elephant in the room from their childhood or some type of trauma. Not so with Big Pharma- it’s just plain profit!

Having learned that led me to the continued quest for better all-natural alternatives and derivatives. By the later, I mean not changing the chemical structure into something your body has never and would never see, but merely adding additional molecules to lengthen the half-life, improve the delivery system.

Since many drugs originate in this fashion, there is never a shortage of viable options as long as you stay within FTC and FDA guidelines as far as claims. Sometimes even that doesn’t stop persecution!

There are plenty of dangerous natural compounds, but the dose makes the poison in most cases.

I have found that Brain Force One seems to allow me the lucidity and clarity I need when researching what is real, what is possible, and what is false. Sometimes I need to up the dose to 6 a day to get the maximum benefit! It also seems to help my creativity and focus!

I leave you with two true adages that I learned a long time ago. Every time I fail to apply them, I get burned. Once an addict always an addict, and once a liar always a liar (unless the person goes into therapy!).

But Don’t expect Big Pharma to start being completely transparent any time soon. And unlike your fellow human, when they lie, do not have compassion for them!!!!

From someone who could have suffered serious harm and long-term damage, I want to thank Big Pharma and anyone/thing else that was a lie in my life for showing me the Beautiful Truth! Truth is often Brutal, but in the long run, always beautiful if you learn from it.

After all, I am, if nothing, still educable!

Thanking life for its Lessons and wishing you the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

Dr. Dave

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