Obese Moms shorten Babies’ Lives!

We have a long way to go with the understanding of what happens in the uterus during pregnancy.  But one thing is for sure, the uterus and intrauterine environment are major determinants of a baby’s health.

A recent study has shown a close correlation between maternal weight and telomere length. This is very intriguing because one of the things we unsure of is telomere length at birth.

So, let’s back track a bit!

Telomeres are the biologic time clocks- the things at the end of the chromosomes that determine how long the cells and therefore how long we can live!

They normally shorten as we age, with each passing year unless you do something specific to stop that loss.

You should know 2 things though:

  • Lots of smart people do not believe you can lengthen them. As someone who has done just that and showed it over several years consecutively using 3 different commercial varieties of telomere testing- I beg to disagree.
  • Lots of smart people don’t think that longer telomeres correlate with longer life. They will admit that shorter telomeres mean shorter life though.  Go figure!

I interpret a lot of telomere tests for people in an effort to help them tailor their own anti-aging programs. It would sure be a great help to have a telomere test from birth to tell them how they are doing.

Of course, since telomere testing for the public has only been around for about 10 years, this is not possible.

Still its apparent that some people are born with longer telomeres than others.  This does not automatically mean they will live longer since how you live is a big issue, but it does confer an advantage from birth it would seem.

Now understand, ultimately the rate of telomere loss is far more important than what you start out with. One you can control and the other you can’t. But expecting moms need to take their health before and during the pregnancy very very seriously if they want their child to have the best health and longevity.

Just as we say dying starts the moment you are conceived (because telomere loss starts then as well- when cell division occurs) the length of your life is at least someone dependent on how healthy your mom is in the peri-partum period.

It’s heartening to see women “getting in shape for pregnancy”.

Based on what I read, this is a very good idea!


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