The Effect of Processing Foods

It may seem from the title that this article is about processed foods. You know the kinds that have chemically altered or GMO versions of fats, proteins and carbs in our bodies.

Well it kinda is but kinda not.

The kind of processing I want to talk to you about today is actually the Natural Processing of food that occurs in your very own gut via the hundreds of millions of bacteria that make up your gut flora, also known as your microbiome.

This microbiome is responsible for so many different food conversions and we have only begun to understand them. It truly is a “tip of the iceberg story”. 

Some things you may know that are dependent on the microbiome are various types of immunity and autoimmunity. The extraction of calories and the metabolic response to those calories to the point where calories are actually created or reduced by the processing in the gut.

And of course, there is the proper absorption of vitamins.  Some vitamins are very dependent on this microbiome. Others like fish oil and Co Q less so.

Finally, there is the overall question of absorption of various vitamins from food itself- all dependent to some degree on the makeup of your microbiome.

Why leave this to chance?  With so many vital functions depending on the gut and dozens more yet to be discovered doesn’t it make perfect sense to have a little insurance that you have a healthy microbiome.

I eat a pretty healthy diet by all accounts but I would not let this vital component to chance.

I designed Pro Life Ultra PB to fill any gaps in the makeup of your microbiome by Bolstering And Feeding healthy bacterial populations so they work with your health and longevity goals instead of against them.

Simple easy and once a day! Pro Life Ultra PB is the cheapest insurance you’ll ever get!!!!

Dr Dave

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