Washing Your Gut!

Is Your Gut Ready for Winter!!!

That may sound like a strange question but when you consider the essential and intimate role of the gut in immunity you will understand its importance.

Much of what your immune system sees, knows and is able to react to is presented through your gut when you eat.

In the past I have given a fair amount of detail on why the gut, specifically the gut bacteria also known as the microbiome is the reason why “calories are not calories”.

Today I want to remind you that your adult immune system primarily runs on “antigen presentation”.  This means that stuff your gut processes becomes the stuff of your immunity- your ability to fight off diseases. Now of course there are other sources of antigen presentation like your lungs and your skin but the gut remains the key at least in adults.

With Flu Season just around the corner do not neglect your gut microbiome.

And of course another reminder to wash your hands.

But you might want to “Wash Your Gut”  That can involve colonics but in all cases you want your microbiome to be “right” and there is no better way to do it than a major league balanced probiotic with enteric coating to protect all the right cultures and prebiotics to make sure they are supported when you take the supplement.

So many things revolve around gut health and the microbiome

I can think of no better time than the current seasonal change with all its dietary changes to crank up your immunity and support health gut bacteria.

Show your gut and your Immune System some love!!!

Dr Dave

PS those of you who do regular colonics may understand the need for healthy gut bacteria no matter what part of the gut is being washed!!!

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