Dependent but Not Dumb!

Just recently…

I spent a little time reviewing the critical role of the mitochondria with you in health, disease, and aging.

There are many points to bring out, but I want to focus on energy today.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell, and in many ways, are responsible for what we have become. Without the ability to generate large amounts of energy, we wouldn’t be able to move, secrete, adjust, think, have sex, regenerate, or metabolize much of anything.

And that is just the healthy stuff! Now stress the mitochondria with bad eating habits, poor exercise habits (too much or too little), and the passage of years, and you wear out your ability to efficiently generate energy.

I also mentioned to you the cross-talk between the nuclear genes (where most of them are) and the mitochondria and of course, the central role of telomeres in that cross-talk and aging.

One big problem we have is that the mitochondrial powerhouses do not have the repair systems that nuclear genes to, so they accumulate genetic errors that cannot be removed. There is some compensation in that mitochondrial DNA is often repetitive genetically containing as many as ten copies of the same gene.

Since mitochondria are the center of oxidative metabolism in the body you might intuit, they are bombarded by the products of their energy generation. This is also true, but as long as they can function efficiently and they have enough material to work with, they do all right in most cases for a long time.

Yet, the number 1 complaint I get from my aging patients is “lack of energy”!

This is why I designed Energy X Maxx, which contains buffered ATP, the very same thing that the mitochondria are trying to make as the currency of energy.

Bottom line: YOU can HELP energy levels and maybe even energy generation along with supplementation.

The ingredients have been proven to increase strength recovery and endurance- the big 3 of human performance.

I am all about performance and love to see it improve with age instead of decline.

This supplement has been a huge boon to me in all of my athletic endeavors, as well as just having enough “GO” to get through the day.

IN many ways they mitochondria are dependent on the rest of the cell for lots of things. But they are not dumb!!! They play a critical role in your health and your ability to get things done.

Why not give them a hand!!!

Dr. Dave

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