Low Energy- Is it Your Thyroid?!

There is a lot of repetition both New Age and Medical expanded and expounded on Thyroid disease.

Subclinical thyroiditis and Wilson’s thyroid syndrome dominate the “alternative” points of view but is it your thyroid.

Standard thyroid testing will not pick up progressive and as of yet subclinical thyroiditis. You can begin to experience thyroid symptoms long before your TSH (the standard clinical test) bumps in one direction or another. Low thyroid, along with other clinical symptoms such as low energy, is a common pre-lab finding. The problem is, of course, that a bunch of other things can cause low energy.

In my experience as a traditional medical doctor, I think depression, adrenal fatigue, and chronic fatigue (a mitochondrial based illness) and failing sex hormones are the leading causes of low energy aside from thyroid.

The most often missed diagnosis

In my traditional experience is autoimmune thyroiditis. This is usually seen in women but now more and more in men as a slow but steady rise of the TSH from its baseline value (what its “always” been) to a high normal or high value over several years although it can happen faster.

Its insidious nature makes it something that many doctors will overlook since TSH is not usually followed routinely, and once normal in the presence of low energy. The Doc often feels that thyroid illness is not the culprit, and the TSH is not repeated as part of the workup.

Most of these conditions require a skilled medical hand, so I will not tell you more about them here.

I do know it is possible to cure autoimmune diseases in some cases with anti-inflammatory supplements like fish oil and curcumin along with energy support from Co Q 10, but again this is not a medical blog giving medical advice, so I’ll tell you this is how I got rid of my thyroiditis!

Where supplements like fish oil and Energy X Maxx can make a huge difference is in the mitochondrial based syndromes (notice again I did not say diseases here because that is a sure path to jail!).

It is “natural” for aging mitochondria to slowly but inexorably function at lower levels as it seems natural for hormone balance to flag.

Toco Q was designed by me to fill the ever-increasing role of mitochondria in aging. It works as a substrate booster, not unlike the bodybuilding supplement Creatine, in that it supplies something that CAN be boosted via dietary supplementation.

Energy X Maxx is something I’ve written about off and on since I introduced it two years ago. The buffered ATP it provides is the true currency of energy in your body, and this ingredient has been shown to increase strength, endurance, and recovery. I will testify to that!!! It is also great to prevent caffeine crash if you consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

Finally, Male Max X is an excellent way for men to support their hormone levels with a daily dose. The dose in women is one capsule per week!

I have made it a point to address these problems in my supplement line because they are familiar and specific issues related to aging. Nothing is worse than being forcibly slowed down, made less sexy, made less sexually active made less mentally frosty, or slowly getting fatter and weaker.

All problems of aging, I have personally solved.

Let me help you do the same.

“It’s no longer about time management- its about energy management” Mehmet Oz

Best, Dr. Dave 11


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