What they Won’t Tell You About Keto (Because they Don’t Know!)

Last time I wrote you a sorta scientific article about Keto Diets and introduced our brand-New Product Keto Gen.

I had no idea and I’m super gratified to see a lot of people immediately scarfed it up!

Today I want to give you a bit more scientific detail on why Keto is a longevity diet

Especially when coupled with calorie restriction and intermittent fasting.

Recall that tends to happen naturally because of the appetite suppressive effects of a high fat diet.  Its pretty easy to restrict yourself to 2 meals occurring within an 8 hour window. Its also easy to eat one bigger and one smaller meal within these parameters.  Eventually it gets easy to get down to one meal with or without a snack and find a really nice low body fat and lower body weight without getting to catabolic (eating muscle!)

I have a few extra tips for you today in terms of supplements that really help crank ketosis but Keto Gen is the central one.

OK now onto the science.

The real gem of Keto is called autophagy or self-eating of sick dead and dying cells to recycle and rebuild healthy ones.

This is facilitated by the fasting and calorie restriction above that naturally happen when you suppress insulin secretion (sugar storage fat storage and inhibition of autophagy).

Read that part about inhibition of autophagy again.  Yes, insulin suppresses autophagy so keto and avoiding carbs helps foster it.  When you look at longevity and health span strategies this is a big one but no one has ever tied it to Keto until me now as far as I know.

There is another thing that autophagy is responsible for: amino acid homeostasis.  That means the provision of essential and non essential protein building blocks (amino acids) during the fasting state.  Are you beginning to get the picture?

Keto suppresses insulin and fosters autophagy which should help life span and health span and to maintain amino acids.

Wanna guess which amino acid is most important?

Cysteine, the sulfur containing amino acid that is used to make the most important anti-oxidant in the body next to Omega 3.

You’ve heard of it – it’s called glutathione

And without it or with lower levels your body starts to accumulate oxidative damage from free radicals.  This should all sound familiar if you’ve been reading my stuff for a while. It’s just that no one linked it to Keto.

As you age autophagy goes down and so does glutathione levels.  Both of these lead to decreased Repair Ability and increased free radical damage via inflammation a central cause of aging and disease! There is even a term that is getting used more and more for this- Inflammaging coined by one Dr Franceshi in his seminal work Handbook of Immunosenescense back in 2012.

Yeah, I read all 2000+ pages. Twice!

Ok now you know the role of intermittent fasting and Keto in this here are a couple of things you should consider.

Obviously keep your Omega 3 levels up.

But most of you will not link the wonderful supplement I make called Sugar Balance Support Formula (I know I need a better name) to suppression of insulin and facilitation of Ketogenic Diets!!!

When you suppress insulin you suppress fat storage, facilitate fat usage as in Keto Diets and improve both amino acid homeostasis (glutathione production) and autophagy (cell recycling equated with longer life spans and health spans.)

Now I have given you just the facts in a very direct non embellished form but I hope you can see the neat and simple picture this presents for some of the almost never mentioned effects of Keto Diets.

You can bet you’ll start seeing these facts on other web sites and by other Keto “thought leaders and experts” very soon as they realize they missed the boat on the real benefits of Keto.

I have to count on you to remind people where you heard it first LOL!

More importantly I hope I have given you some additional reasons to consider the “Keto Fad” since it is not a fad at all but a very viable way to improve your health!!!

And you’ll look great with low body fat too!!!!

Don’t forget to try Keto Gen while its still on sale and for added Keto punch take 2 SBSF one to two times a day with your fish oil.

Dr Dave

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