Simple not Sexy!

Back in the day when I used to lecture to large audiences- before people were terrified of large gatherings- I always spend some time on high blood sugars, diabetes, and pre-diabetes.

That audience usually went to sleep at that point because, well, they had heard it all before. Most doctors are fairly well-versed in handling diabetes.

Few are well-versed in any kind of prevention.

As a matter of fact, a lot of medical professionals don’t really believe it can be prevented. No one seems to notice that obesity, inactivity, and a high-carb diet are major factors.

Partly at fault are the patients who do not take responsibility for preventing those things. Partly.

Our wonderful media has made fat people as common on TV as normal weight.

And yet the ideal body is lean muscular and healthy.

Somehow there are mixed messages that tell people that you have to be a star with endless resources and monetary reasons for looking good.


Along with all of those things is the boredom and acceptance of high blood sugar being “normal” aging.

Again, Nonsense!

Where the real problem is, in terms of prevention is insulin level, not just sugar.  High insulin precedes high sugar almost always in “adult” onset diabetes.

High insulin is also inflammatory and accelerates vascular disease, heart disease loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, loss of flexibility and repairability of the joints etc. etc.

This is why I make Sugar Balance Support Formula. It is designed to help support healthy sugar AND healthy insulin levels.

It works great with the ketogenic diet and other anti-aging programs.

I could bore you with a lot more but just understand, as is often the case these days we are focusing on the wrong thing.

Control your insulin and you control your sugar.

Control your insulin and you control your inflammation.

Control Inflammation and you age better plain and simple!

Not sexy, but simple!

Dr Dave

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