Pick Just One Thing!

I must admit I have enjoyed meeting and talking to my customers and supporters over the years.

It is a true adage, you become like the people you spend your time with!  This is one of the reasons I never stopped traveling during the unmentionable “Cvd” thing.  I don’t like sitting still and sitting on my laurels.

I just spent a week in Mexico at an aerial Yoga retreat. Basically, this is hand balancing and lots of body weight exercise. Some of you may be thinking. “Well that is your life and you get to do all that!”

Um,  actually it was simply a choice to allocate my resources in that direction. It did not fall into my lap and it did not pay for itself! This is what I tell people when they whine about the cost of my supplements!

If you want the best you will find a way and make the right choice!!!!

Being driven to be the best and do the best for yourself and the ones you love is NEVER a bad thing!

Once during a training session with one of my mentors, I was asked what I was most proud of.  I had a really hard time naming something! When I eventually did start listing stuff, I realized what I full life I have led and how much I have gotten done.

But, the truth of the matter is all that is in the past, at least by my way of thinking.  I rarely stop to smell the roses of my past achievements.

Ever forward, ever curious, and ever-growing, ever creating a new and different reality!

That is not to say that acknowledging your abilities and achievements is not a good thing.

It is, and I am working on it more and more, especially as the “climate of achievement” becomes more challenging.  That is my way of staying apolitical, by the way.

The other thing that I have noticed is that old and undone things are energetic drains for me.

I suspect there is something in your physical, mental, and emotional “closet” that you could either finish or throw out.

Now that is a big topic, and I will let YOU find that one thing, but I will tell you how to deal with it.

Here is something that will make you proud of yourself and give you something to release the energy of being stuck that we all encounter.

First, is there something that has been sticking in your craw for too long?  Is there an insult, a wound a slight that seems to pop up to reinforce a negative state of thinking and damage your self-esteem?

Most of us have that “one thing” that continues to bother us long after it has come and gone.

You’ve heard “forgive and forget”.  Truthfully it is not an easy thing because things cause an affront to our sense of rightness and justice. I have heard some say,” I can do one or the other but not both.”

So, let’s look at it differently and bypass the whole “forgive and forget” thing.

How much energy do you and have you wasted on that one thing.  Energy is energy, and it is the most precious thing we have, even more precious than time.  You cannot create time but you can, in spite of Isaac Newton, create energy. Let the bad stuff be morphed into something that motivates you and shut down the negative emotions that go with it.

Then at the very least, you will have created a new path and flow for that energy!

It’s your energy- don’t waste it on people and events that do not serve you! If you are having trouble shutting down emotions and carry stuff with you, you should be thankful! You have just bumped up against a program that was probably put there by someone else or some other experience. Look at it again and see why it tweaks you and you will have a clear idea of where it came from! You will have come one step closer to finding your true self.

Then you can get rid of it if you choose! Or you can let it continue to sap your energy… Your Choice!

Now let us take a simpler maybe more approachable example.

You have that one thing on your “to do” list that is still there after a year or two.  For me, it’s my garage!

I continue to kind of throw things in there without actually organizing them, expecting one day to tackle what becomes a bigger and more comically onerous job!

That is going to be done in the next 2 weeks.  I have declared it and now I will do it!!!

Having recently finished yet another book (this one took over 2 years for various reasons) I can tell you the enormous pleasure it gives to finish one of “those things” that have been hanging on and sapping your energy for too long.

Find that one thing and do it!!!

Don’t allow distractions, and do whatever prep work has to be done before you dive in but DO DIVE IN!

If you need help sustaining your energy here it is !

Clear the decks, clean out the closet, then reward yourself in some way commensurate with the doing! And enjoy the achievement for a bit before you dive in once again.

I can help big time

Happy Autumn!


PS I’ll keep you posted on the publish date/availability of my latest book- “Navigating You!” It deals mostly with the source of programming and how it affects our lives. More importantly- what we can do to change it or morph it into something better!

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