Combatting Holiday Stress or Why You Need More than Just Co Q to Fight Fatigue and Burn Out!

Co Q is one of my favorite supplements and I used to sell it straight by itself.

The Japanese company Kaneka makes the absolute best Pharmaceutical Grade product in the world and one that is used as medicine in Japan.

But when I reevaluated all my formulations for The Longevity Edge I decided to focus on results first and ingredients second. This means that my goal is to create a “purpose built” set of supplements to help you in your quest to stymy the aging process!

So, when you look at burn out and fatigue it is a multi-step process.

Co Q is vitally important in the energy generation chain and the reduced form seems to evaporate as we age shifting the balance towards inflammation.

This is why you need more than just Co Q to have the absolute best effect. You need to combat those free radicals that are sapping your energy, inflaming your body and reducing your capacity to repair damaged tissue.

In short they are aging you faster. Simply replacing Co Q is good but now that the data is in on the Tocotrienols it made sense to include them in my new formulation Mito QE.

In many ways the term “burnout” is a misnomer- Burn out is more like Burn Up when it comes to your cells and the machinery that runs and repairs them. This includes those precious telomeres, the end caps that protect your DNA from damage and loss.

I want to keep it simple so I will let you imagine for a second how many things in your body would function better if they were not inflamed and fighting off excess free radical damage. Trust me it would take far more than a few seconds but you get the idea.

Fighting Burnout or Burnup as I call it is vitally important to the generation of energy. More energy = less chance of burn out and less chance of stray free radicals that damage your machinery!

This coming season is often surprisingly stressful. So, while you are out shopping ‘til you drop do your body a favor and treat it to some energetic relief! 

You will enjoy this holiday season and the daily process much more when the cellular stress levels go down.

After all like I always say in my biologic flow chart: cells lead to tissue, tissue leads to organs, organs lead to organ systems, and organ systems lead to you.

It all starts with the small parts functioning at their best!

Happy Holiday season and stay tuned for the big news you’ve been waiting for from me!


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