You’ve Asked these Questions!

Once again the events of the past year have caused some confusion that I hope to clear up for anyone who is actually reading my emails!

But first let me wish you a very Happy Hearty and Healthy Thanksgiving.

I hope the spirit of Gratitude permeates your whole being, your whole Holiday and the entire season.

I am glad you’ve decided to keep me by your side during this coming time. We both will have even more to be thankful for, so stay tuned and tune out the imposters!

One question that has come up surrounds the TA-65 issue. No matter how much I explain it, it does not seem to rest so here it is.

I apparently upset the powers that be in their attempts to control all aspects of their business. They are also glad to be rid of me apparently and will no longer allow us to distribute their product because we are selling it too cheaply for their liking even though we pay them for it.

Go figure.

As nearly as I can tell from my visits to various industry sites the company is doing just fine by licensing the compound to others to use in different branded products.

I do not anticipate ever carrying that product again although I think it is still the industry standard.

That said we still have a small amount of the low dose TA-65 available but it will not last more than a few days. So, if you want it don’t delay because we are down to about 20 bottles and the way things are you are not likely to ever get it at this price again ever!


Next is the “Where is the real Dr Dave?!”
It’s been over a year since I started a new  business and people still are not clear.


There and only there. No where else.

I cannot support, endorse or comment on anything that is being sold by anyone else because I would only ever use my own products. I have no control over where and who is making or marketing things and I cannot vouch for anything else. I cannot and do not know whether formulations are changed or not.

Simply put, No Comment!

I have often been asked how to tell real, honest, and sincere products from what is being sold by phonies fakes liars and imitators.

Sadly, there are all those things in this business.

Here is the simple advice I would give you.

Look at who actually runs the company and who does their product development. If there are no real science, nutritional people or doctors on board, I would be suspect of anything and everything that is coming from that source.

Also, be where of the “Scientific Advisory Board” scenario. Usually those people are paid in money or god forbid, in worthless stock!

Ben Carson the former presidential runner was one such person. The company he “advised” was accused of very shady dealings. Accusations were made against Carson in an attempt to discredit him.

It failed.

It failed because he (and I am paraphrasing here) basically said, “ I was just an advisor, I did not know what they were doing and I was not part of the company!” He said it with the “Every One knows this is BS” attitude and the accusations were dropped.

Most likely it was BS but he personally was probably telling the truth. He probably accepted the position and whatever compensation he was given and was not in any way involved accept for the paid use of his name.

I am personally involved in everything the Longevity Edge does for better or worse.

The buck stops here when we do good or bad. Thankfully (and boy is this appropriate given the Holiday!) most people are willing to understand that I am a healer, a science guy, an inventor, and a clinician- not a business man.

Again I want to express my gratitude for your tolerance and remind you that the REAL Dr. Dave lives here at

What you get in return is my personal experience, my personal knowledge, and my personal sweat equity- warts and all!

So far judging from the support it is a good win win 2 way street!
Finally people are asking are we having a sale. Let me be clear about this. You will know when I have a sale.

Where you spend your hard earned cash matters so spend it wisely!

And when my sale comes, and it will be soon, be sure to stay tuned!

Dr. Dave

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