Dam age ing

If you are old enough to remember the late 60’s and 70’s band known as Steppenwolf, then you might remember a song called “The Pusher”.  If you are too young and/or not a Steppenwolf fan, the song was about how drug kingpins were destroying the youth and should be promptly expunged and sent to the netherworld. They were to be damned, in other words.  Still timely I think because, believe it or not, that song popped into my head the other day when I was thinking about aging and how we might cure it.

Frankly it’s going to take an all out war and the army is pretty small.  You and me and a few thousand people, including scientists, practitioners and just plain old people who are sick of the future full of decline and bleak prospects. The rest of the world is full of non-believers.

Frankly, I don’t think you and me are ones to wither on the vine without a hell of a fight. This, and the wisdom of my dearly departed dad, is what drives me to recruit you if you haven’t joined the cause already.

It’s always been my policy to keep you informed of everything I learn and the learning is always for both of us. After all, it’s no fun being 100 years old if you don’t have anybody to play with!

I have pretty much been on the road the past three months between Europe, Vegas, Cali, and NYC but I am always learning a ton every single day. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

So today I want to update you on a couple of things I learned while out and about in that great big world. The first was the oft forgotten Carnosine which is pretty amazing.  Cardiac disease and the sequela of excess sugar metabolism are two of the biggest aging factors and two of the biggest killers out there.  Carnosine hits them both by supporting mitochondrial function, reducing intracellular protein damage (cross linking) and of course it helps you hit your workouts hard. Bottom line: it’s one serious anti-aging secret!

And speaking of mitochondria and working out — new evidence suggests that it might not just be eating too much sugar that turns us into fat slobs with diabetes as we get older.  It might all be a pre-programmed part of the aging process combined with gluttony. Turns out the mitochondria might be getting old, crapping out energy wise and not using sugar efficiently as an energy source.  CO Q10, used as medicine for heart disease and neurologic disorders in the Far East, is one big culprit here.  Co Q levels start to sag at about age 40, robbing the mitochondria of one of its main free radical defenses at a specific spot in the energy chain. The net result is a slow steady loss of the mitochondria’s ability to maintain a bio-electrical gradient (energy gradient) that it normally uses to move fuel in and energy out. No gradient, no energy. No energy, no life!

And no energy, no repair function, which accelerates ‘damn  age’ and the slippery slide to where the party ends for good.

Stop up the flow of energy and you have the equivalent of a clogged toilet in your cells. Flush it one time too many and your cells are flooded with… well you get the picture.

I am now taking 4 of my CO Q10’s and at least as many of my Carnosine caps every day because I want to prevent this avoidable mess by limiting the damn-age.

It’s a phenomenal combo that pours on the energy we both need to stay young.  And in staying young we can tell Father Time to go to Hades and stay there. To hell with getting old and Damn ageing!


Oh Yeah! I almost forgot.  Looks like Chronic Fatigue and its attendant maladies (multiple drug sensitivity, chronic pain syndromes and brain fog, etc.) are all part of the mitochondrial sewer stop up. If you know someone who suffers from CFS, let them in on the “secret sauce”- the combo of Carnosine and Co Q in high daily doses.

PS: Have a listen to that old song, The Pusher by Steppenwolf and you will understand the link!

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